Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random October Pics

October has not been the most fun of months for our family,
but I thought I would blog a little anyways.

Look at all my triangles.

Here is what they can create when sewn together.

Ta-dah. After just under 2 weeks, I have a completed
quilt top. It has been completely hand pieced.
I love quilting. Takes my mind off things
and really makes me feel productive.
I have a few other knitted projects that
I will share later.

Mountains of Tennessee on our way back
from Kentucky. This time of the year brings out
some of the most gorgeous colors in nature.

The mountains outside our kitchen window.
So full of color and beauty.

My Larrys.

So, Little Larry wanted me to take a picture of his
back so he could see what was going on.
This is the catheter in his kidney to allow it to
drain. His ureter has too much scar tissue
to function properly so his surgeon is going to reroute
things in the next month or two.
It will be a 5+ hour surgery with a
5 day recovery stay in the hospital. This will be
his 14th surgery not counting minor procedures that he
was put under for as well.
It never gets easy, but he is such a trooper.

My dancing Bella. Her new favorite
is the name Belle or Belles, dancing and
twirling like Dora, and singing.