Sunday, April 17, 2011

WNC Nature Center Day 1 of Spring Break

What do you do with 5 kids, during spring break,
on a budget?
You go to the local Nature Center
and work on scout badges.
This year, I learned that the Nature Center has a
wild child - Ed Venture pack sponsored by REI.
Totally free program and they earn an awesome little
badge while learning different aspects of nature.
Perfect for my little cub scouts.

We had to hike on a little half mile trail just
off the Nature Center grounds.
This would not have been so bad, but of course half way
down the trail a couple of kiddos had to
potty. So we had to trek back to
the beginning of the Nature Center to where the
restrooms are located. Quite a trek on the hottest day
of the week. lol

In our back packs, there were a set of tools
to complete the small work book.
After completing the activities, a patch is earned.
Not to mention all the things my kids got to learn.
Above, Savannah and Xander are getting the temperature
of the Swannanoa River.
We also had to get the air temp and ground temp.

Ruby is hamming it up for the camera, but was working
on her specimen drawing.
They had to take a magnifying glass
and find something in nature that they would not
ordinarily see with the naked eye.
Larry chose moss on a tree
trunk and Ethan chose pollen.

Here Larry is looking through the monocle
for our three different birds.
The pack included an audobon book of different wildlife specimens.
The kids loved thumbing through it to figure
out what leaf we were looking at
or what bird we were hearing.

Here Ruby is again. She sees a camera
and that little mouth pops open and her arms go up.
Not sure what pose this is.

Xander posing with an otter statue.
My kids loved the new otter exhibit.
It is well worth a visit if you have not seen them yet.

Look at that arm.

Arm and leg this time.
Not to mention she hoarded in on Ethan & Xander's pictures.

Xander is carrying the REI pack we borrowed
to complete the exercise.

We spent all monday at the nature center
and we actually able to complete about 4
different cub scout activities.
The boys are well on their way for a productive
spring break.


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Must be an age thing - my 4 year old raises her arm and sticks out her leg too. (: We used to tease Sharon in college that she ALWAYS turned her leg in and bent her knee for pictures - if you have any of her - check - it's true. (: We would all be like - "pose like Sharon" and we would bend our knee and turn it sideways . . . she said it made her leg look thinner??? So Ruby might not grow out of it is my point. (:

Looks like a fun day! Good mom you are to brave the heat! (: