Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Crafting Addict

Being in the de-clutter / spring cleaning mode,
last month, I decided to go through my
yarns & fabrics & use them up before
I allow myself to buy more.

This blanket took just 6 days to crochet.
It comes from the pattern Lacy Treasure.
I was able to use up about 3 skeins of yarn.
I use the Bernat Baby Sport yarn along with the peach fuzz
carrier yarn. The carrier yarn gives it that extra soft &
fuzzy feel. I bought them for next to nothing about
2 summers ago at Hobby Lobby.

This is the Dainty Keepsake pattern.
It took a little longer to complete.
It had a lot more double crochets than I was aware of.
Next time I need to look at the pattern more closely.
But I was able to use up another 2 and a half skeins of yarn.
I think I have 50 or more skeins to go.
Yikes! Any suggestions?

Now onto the strange. Last week, I found this
unique project on Etsy's how to tuesday.
You gather 20 or more grocery sacks, cut into 1 inch pieces,
make your plarn & crochet.
Very strange I know, but I had to try it.
I used the beige Ingle's bags, but I think the red & white target
sacks would look pretty cool.

My ball of plarn.

This is what I have thus far. Looks a lot like
raffia crocheted together.
Stay tuned for the finished product.


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Good recycling project! There is a 90 sister in our ward who does these - really colorful one - they look like nice potholders! (: But HELLO they'd melt - so they aren't as useful - just decoration under things - but cool idea! (: I could send you a picture if you want - but they probably have some on the site you are lookig at. I'm interested to see your finished project.

Heather Brooke said...

Ummmm.... what's a 'plarn'?...and is there a cure for it?