Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

While in GA for the Christmas holidays, we decided to take the kids to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.  It was a lot of fun and an excellent way to pass 3 hours by.  Xander was just beside himself with all the dinosaur replicas and skeletons.  And all the kids enjoyed all the hands on exhibits.

Ruby modeling one of her new outfits.

My children in front of a sea exhibit.

The 3 youngest standing in front of a dinosaur.

Little Little Larry with his hand in a dinosaur handprint.

Some of the replicas were a little too realistic
for Ruby Isabella's heart.  Every time we 
passed this gator, she would scream
and demand to be carried.

Some blowing exhibit that Ruby and
Denzil were having fun with.

A giant sloth with my two little sloths.

Above is Ethan with a Polar Bear replica
and below is Ethan being weighed like a Polar
Bear.  I think he and Xander had the most fun
with all the exhibits.

A little Arctic trivia.

My favorite picture of my 3 boys.
Behind them are 3 different bear skulls.

I had to get a picture of Xander with the dinosaur
skeleton.  He said this museum was just like
the movie, "Night at the Museum."
He absolutely loves dinosaurs.

A little penguin slide anyone?
Ruby would not get off this thing.
She was sliding every which way.

My 3 youngest penguins.

Polar Bear Feet Anyone?
All the kids enjoyed putting on the
Polar Bear feet to walk like them.

Ethan found some penguin costumes lying around.
I wish I had my video camera because he
was walking like them too.
Not to mention his little Happy Feet dance.

Ruby & Larry were enjoying the Polar Bear den
exhibit.  I think the bottom pic actually had
my 4 older kids crammed in.  Larry was the smart
one hanging out by the entrance.

This was the entire family's favorite exhibit.
Here we are in a museum of history and we are
having more fun with bubbles.

Who doesn't like a glass orb filled with energy?
All of my kids were mystified at this small
exhibit trying to figure out how this
ball was working.


In the Middle of it All said...

How do you do it? Great memories, like the ones I have of us in Washington DC. It isn't until you are a parent that you realize how much effort it takes to give your children these experiences. Hat off to you and to Larry!

Brooke said...

If I would have known that ya'll were down here I would have gone with you!