Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008

What a crazy weekend we had here in Black Mountain! First off, Friday we took a family portrait. Larry Denzil wanted one badly. I do not know about you others with kids, but each child had a crazy smile. It came to a point where Larry Denzil was telling Savannah and Larry not to smile.

We had some weekend company. Mamaw and her kids, along with Uncle Ben and Lincoln, came in for tax season. Larry Denzil is the master when it comes to doing taxes. We actually got our state tax refund back on friday so we were quite excited. Anyways, our weekend company had to stay an extra day because of inclement weather in their neck of the woods. Our tiny little 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house had 5 adults and 9 kids inside.

Savannah had her last girl scout cookie booth saturday. We got off to a very slow and cold start. The grocery store had us outside in the elements. Yes, it was snowing. A little old lady walked past us and told us we should not be outside. She went inside and complained to the manager. Needless to say, we were invited in by the manager and started selling more cookies. In the 2 hours that Savannah and I were there, we sold over 50 boxes. Savannah and 2 other Brownies were working very hard for these sells. I think our troop has made well over $1000 with the cookie sells. We get $.53 per box sold. Not bad for a new troop that is getting ready to branch into 2 troops.

My sunday and monday have been quite hairy. On sunday, I woke up with a very sore throat and an ear ache. Xander was also ill as well as Ruby who has been ill for a month now. If I did not have to teach the relief society lesson, I would have stayed home. On our 30 minute drive to church, Ruby got into a coughing frenzy and threw up all over herself. Nice! I did not have a spare outfit for her. We cleaned her up as well as possible and Larry Denzil took care of her at church. Xander just lied down on a sofa and slept. Savannah gave a talk in primary and little Larry had the scripture. I told Savannah what the theme was for the month of March. She said ok mom and wrote out a talk. I guess I should have listened to it beforehand. Larry Denzil said she talked about doing your chores. Good Right? Well, then she starts saying how you get paid to pick up your toys and if you do a super job, you get paid a lot of money. I am not sure where she heard this from. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on her part. In our family, everyone is responsible for his or her room and belongings. And we surely don't get paid to be responsible. Wow! What the Primary Presidency must think of me.

First thing this morning, I took Ruby to the doctors. We were just there a short 2 hours. Much better from the over 3 hours last time. The doc said Ruby's ears were bulging and she still had a sinus infection. So she is on her 3rd antibiotic in 1 month. Fun! Hopefully this will help cure her illness. I also get to bulb syringe her nose. Like she does not already feel bad.

Right now my house looks like a tornado has hit and our refrigerator is broken. There is never a dull moment in our house. I hope all is well for everyone else. Sorry I do not have any pictures to share.