Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Spring & Happy Easter everyone

Well, Spring is finally here. For us, the day before spring was absolutely beautiful. We had high 60's and sunny weather. Then spring comes around and it was a chilling 36 when the kids and I walked to the bus stop. It rained all day long and there was snow on the mountain tops. What freaky weather!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Our branch had an egg hunt with activities for the kids at our branch house. Our Branch building is located in a historic district of Asheviile and when they bought the land, it came with a house that they cannot tear down. So the house is used for miscellaneous activities and classes. The egg hunt was quite a success. They had 20+ kids there. The kids colored Easter bags and ate peeps and cup cakes and then hunted eggs. We had eggs all over the place. A couple of young women hid eggs both high and low. The low eggs were for the little children of course and the high eggs were for the bigger children. But the little children were finding all the high eggs and having their parents get them down for them. Poor Savannah walked away with only 3 eggs. Every egg she found, an adult leader made her put back saying they were for the smaller children only. I was not happy seeing as how this same leader was allowing her young son take all the eggs with her help that were meant for the older children. Luckily, Savannah caught the symapthy of one of the women who put on the activity as well as the young woman who hid all the eggs and she came away with a few more eggs. They hid over 10 dozen so there was no excuse that each child did not have more than 3 eggs.

Last friday was the first day of my kids spring break. Savannah had her second tooth pulled and 2 space maintainers cemented in. She did amazingly well. No pain what so ever. Xander lost another tooth. That is the life of a 6 year old. The tooth fairy is going broke in this house with 3 kids all losing teeth at the same time.

Yesterday we had a freak snow shower. The kids were so excited. We haven't had a decent snow fall all winter. We have actually had a reasonably mild winter here so the kids never got to build snowmen or go sledding. Maybe better luck next year.

I almost forgot to mention that Ruby started nursery on Easter sunday. She did well until the little boy sitting with Ethan in the above picture popped her on the head. After that it was non stop crying till the nursery leader got her to sleep.