Saturday, March 15, 2008

Black Mountain Easter Egg Hunt

Well, our small town had their annual Free Easter Egg Hunt. It was really nice. The kids were so excited. Little Larry had his "normal" stomach issue this morning but still wanted to take part in the festivities. He has had fewer of these issues since his surgery. It was a little chilly so here he is wearing his dad's jacket. Isn't he a good looking young man? He has lost 2 teeth this week.

Savannah and Ethan took part in a little face painting. I think Ethan had a white Bunny and Savannah opted for the pink bunny.

Unfortunatley Larry Denzil and I were separated during the egg hunt so I only have pictures of the big kids. Next saturday, I promise to take pictures of the little kids. I can say that Ruby loved her Easter Basket. She carried it around like another accessory. Before the egg hunt even began, she was picking up gravel. I do not know what it is with our kids and rocks.

Savannah won a prize in the egg hunt. I think she got coupons to a local Fun Depot, kind of like Gatti Land. She was extremely excited. After the kids egg hunt, they had an adult hunt. Yes, you read me correctly, an adult egg hunt. Larry Denzil tried to participate. He was at the end of the pack. By the time he made it through the gates, all the eggs were gone. People were literally pushing one another. One poor woman from our church tried to participate and got knocked down. She dropped her poor grandson's basket. Adults can truly be childish when prizes are involved. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Kristie and Roger said...

What a beautiful family..........