Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a busy week week we are having. Xander's glasses did not survive 1 month. Last friday evening, his teacher called to explain what had happened to his glasses. Xander never said a word. I had no clue they were broken. Appparently Xander had them on the end of his desk. A fellow student walked past and accidentally knocked them off the desk when another student came by and stepped on them. The lense is popped out, and the frame is all bent. I guess he didn't really need glasses anyways.

Spring is around the corner here. All the trees are in bloom. This morning when the kids and I walked up to the bus stop, it was 57 degrees. Too bad it is overcast.

Last night was spaghetti night in our family. I had to take this picture of Ethan. He loves spaghetti and ate every bit of it. I swear I did not fix this up.

Yesterday I had to pick Larry up from school early. He got sick and was throwing up. His teacher thought maybe a stomach virus was going around because aother little boy went home throwing up. I thought it was strange because that is not how it works for Larry. He was great when he left. When I got
there, he told me maybe he had drank too much
water. I found that very suspicious because he was only there for 2 hours and would have had to drink a gallon of fluids. When we got home, he tubed himself and had 700 ccs of urine. The child is lucky he did not rupture. Apparently in the wait for the restroomyesterday morning, he had forgotten to tube himself. For those of you that don't know, Larry does all his cares on his own now. He does not like Larry Denzil & I being involved. He is" 7 afterall. Gee mom." I wish I would have taken a picture of him. I promise to add one later this week.

Here are my two sleeping babies yesterday afternoon. I wish I could have joined them in some afternoon slumber!

This next picture I tried to take, but Ruby would not cooperate.

She was really upset with me. But I thought you guys could get

an idea of what Larry Denzil looks like when he goes off to work

at 5AM. I am just kidding. Larry Denzil runs off to the gym

every morning now. His knee is healing well. He still has pain

and moves gingerly but he is gaining strength. He started some

leg excercises this week.

This next picture is Ruby in front of one of our many windows.

These are her favorite little spots in our house. She stands by this window every afternoon about the same time waiting for her Daddy to come home. Like Savannah once was, she is truly a Daddy's little girl. They share a bowl of popcorn nearly every night. Here soon, they will be sharing pop ice.

This other picture is Ruby in her 2nd favorite spot, my rocking chair. She is taking her mroning nap in this shot. Usually she is rocking away.

On a happy note, we want to congratulate Benny and Hope who are expecting their first child, Ava, due to arrive by c-section on Larry Denzil's birthday April 14. If I were Uncle Ben and Trisha, I would worry at how much Larry Denzil is involved in their children's lives. Jason't first born is named Denzil and now Benny's first born is arriving on Larry's birthday. Pretty freaky.

I do hope you guys are enjoying our blog. I love taking photos of my kids and sharing them with all of you. I also like sharing our lives with all of you. We hope this finds everyone healthy and well and preparing for Spring.


Heather Brooke said...

Marsha, I love being able to keep up with your family this way. I wish we still lived close together so I could see ya'll. If you ever go to myspace, I have an account there with pics of my animals and my nephew.

Keep the blog going. I'm living vicariously though you. :)

Kristie and Roger said...

What a beautiful family should be so proud.