Monday, March 3, 2008

February 2008

Thank goodness February is finally over. We have been so busy here. First off, Little Larry had his hernia repair on Feb 2. It went well. It was a little more involved than we had anticipated but he is all heeled now. He had to stay home for a week and could not run and play for 3 weeks. It was really hard keeping him still. Next came all our dental visits. All the kids but Ruby had their teeth cleaned. And all but little Larry had cavities. Savannah has to have 2 ruptured cavity filled teeth pulled. The first of which happens tomorrow March 4. Xander had some inbetween cavities filled a few weeks ago and goes back tomorrow for some caps. Ethan also goes tomorrow for 2 cavities. What fun for me. We have also been busy going to the doctor. Ethan and Ruby started the month with fevers and coughs. They did not have the flu, but something was making them feel bad. They did both have ear infections. Then they get better and Ruby gets bad again. No flu or strep but she is getting her eye teeth which can cause your ears to hurt and she has a bad cough. Finally she is all better. I hope it lasts. On February 14 Larry Denzil had his knee scoped. It was a very long day for him but all went well. The doc said he had a lot of floating junk in there and something was rubbing against his bone which caused his pain. He took one pain pill after surgery and that was it. He said it really did not hurt any worse than before surgery. He was on 2 crutches for a week and dropped down to 1 crutch and now he is walking almost normally. He actually worked out for the first time today so he is feeling pretty good. Of course he is not doing any leg excercises just yet.
Xander went to the eye doc on president's day. He is far sighted so has to wear glasses while reading and doing school work. He is so excited. He brags about being just like dad. Savannah and I have been busy with girl scout cookies. Our new little brownie troop has sold over 2000 boxes of cookies. We are so proud of our girls. Savannah had her first cookie booth last saturday and she loved it. She and the other girls were dancing with their signs. They were all very cute. Savannah also did her first service project the weekend before Valentine's. Our troop made Valentine's for a group of elderly people at a nursing home. We hand delivered 91 cards to some very happy people.
I have been busy crocheting baby blankets. Our little ward has 3 babies due. 2 have already arrived. I am also making one for Benny's soon to be arrival Ava. I look forward to meeting her in June.