Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

So, funny story about the pinewood derby and Ethan.
Last year was Ethan's first experience with the pinewood derby.
The boys all went to AC Moore and picked out their car kits.
Ethan was thrilled to death!  Larry & Xander actually had cars
from the previous year so we just focused on Ethan.
At the time, Larry Denzil just started working
in Pikeville while the kids and I were still living in Black Mountain.
I know absolutely nothing about pinewood derby cars.
So Larry promised he would help Ethan put it together.
On the morning of the derby, they are piecing this car together.
And of course Larry has issues trying to get the axle just right...
Needless to say, Ethan came in last on all his races.
Leaving the race, he sadly told Larry, "this is all your fault dad."
Larry Denzil never wanted to hear such painful words again.

On to this year....
Larry Denzil ordered two preweighted cars from
He also ordered various other items like an axle
placement kit, scale, extra weight...

Ta da.  Ethan placed first in our pack.

Xander placed second.

Here they are with their trophies.

Ethan can not stop looking at his trophy.
He had a smile on his face this entire day.

Sorry for the blur.  We could not get the boys to stand still.
Ethan's friend placed third.  And the times between the 
three boys was crazy close.

On to district pinewood derby this past saturday. 
Ethan placed 4th for speed in district.  His friend
who placed 3rd in our pack now placed 2nd.  Wow!  
His grandpa
clued us in to the secrets of a fast car.

And Xander placed 5th.  The top 5 finishers head to state.
So our pack celebrated with 3 of the top 5 finishers.
Woo hoo!

I think Larry Denzil has more than made up for last years
debacle.  Ethan has gone on to say this is the
greatest experience of his life.