Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby's new clothes

Here are my 2 youngest copying their daddy.

This is something new that Ruby started about a week ago.
Whenever Larry leaves for work, she grabs his leg so he
can drag her along.  She thinks it is hilarious and
giggles the entire time he is trying to pry her off.

Here is Ruby showing me some of her new clothing.
Anna Gail was over yesterday and her Grandma
gave me some hand me downs which we are
always thankful for.  Every time I tried to look
at something in the bag, Ruby, would exclaim
"No, no, no, no, no!"

Here is Ruby this morning after she has decided what
to wear.  Notice her new function for panties.
Might as well, have them up there since she
is not using them in other ways.

At last, Ruby has crashed for her beauty rest
on her pile of clothes that I am not allowed to touch.
Such sweet Heaven.


Lynette News said...

Wow strong defense over her new clothes! I'm amazed at how all young gnerations of ours seems to adopt Krista's gene of fashion...we only supposed it was a fluke but I was wrong. Cute how Ruby wears that as hat.

Marsha said...

My girls got it from me, not Krista. I love clothes and shoes and jewelry and handbags. People forget I got a fashion degree because I dress like a poor mommy.

Brooke said...

Trust me, I can vouch that they got that from Marsha. She was like that even in middle school. :)


Marsha said...


You are the only one from my youth who checks my blogs regularly. I remember wearing new clothes every week that my mom and I would find off the clearance racks at Macy's. Not to mention all the shoes and hand bags I had. Looking back on it, it was crazy ridiculous. Life as an only child practically. Sorry Stephanie. You never were into clothes. I miss those days. I had no real clue how hard my mom worked for that money and how much she loved me.