Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Ours started at 6AM with the sound of 2 boys giggling
at the sight of their stockings.

Here is Ruby unloading all her loot.

Poor Okie, barely survived our visit.
She is much too old to enjoy or at least 
tolerate children.  Ruby enjoyed chasing 
her around the kitchen counter.

"How Does She Know, He Loves Her?"
That is all I have heard since Savannah
first saw this film early last summer.
It was love at first sight for the child
and i finally remembered to buy the movie.

Ethan with all of his stocking stuffers.
Chocolate at 7AM isn't bad.  Right?

There is nothing like a little boy and his hot wheel.

Poor little Okie found a safe spot by her mommy.
At least she thought it was a safe spot.

Ruby found a way to get close to that dog.

Got her.  Ruby absolutely fell in love with the 
12+ year 3 legged dog.  Poor little Okie.

Family gift time since this was the only
big gift my 3 older kids received.
It was a wii with a few extra controllers 
and games.
Savannah and Xander figured it out ahead of time
since I mistakenly let Savannah open
a wii game before the wii.  She looked at the game and 
saw wii and knew right away.

Clothes anyone?  Ruby loves clothing.
She is definitely my daughter.
At one point, she had 2 new bottoms
on and was trying to put on a third.

Family game time.

Here is my little nephew Cole.
Isn't he the sweetest thing?  I think the
house full of people startled him, but
he slowly warmed up to us.
Ruby absolutely loved him and
tried to hug and kiss him every where
he went.

Again, I hope everyone had a healthy and
happy Christmas.  But can I just say, I am
so glad it is all over with.