Thursday, May 1, 2008

Enjoying the Spring

Well, I have been busy spring cleaning. I finally finished both the boys and girls rooms. What a task that was. When do they get old enough to clean it up themselves? I hauled away 2 large bags of clothes from the boys room and 2 smaller bags from the girls room. I donated all the items to free cycle. An awesome group on yahoo. I even have a small bag of baby toys going to my sister.
We got our stimulus package yesterday. Hopefully we can put it to good use. The boys need a bunk bed and Savannah needs a new mattress. Maybe later this summer we can afford to buy some furniture. Larry Denzil gets his new pay grade in July. Right now he has his eye on an apple desk top.

While cleaning the girls closet, I found some old outfits of Savannah's that I had saved. Krista, there are quite a few beautiful outfits that you had given Savannah. Unfortuantely Ruby did not get to wear them because I forgot I had them. I did find one of my favorites that Larry and I got at Pigeon Forge when Savannah was 8 months old. Here is Ruby sporting the denim osh kosh jumper. Unlike big sis, Ruby has a lot of chub in her legs. As a matter of fact, I think Ruby's thighs are larger than Savannah's right now. It is funny how all your kids can be so different from one another.Here is the sandbox that brought on the rain. Ethan & Ruby absolutely love it. The first day, they spent over an hour just filling buckets of sand. I have forgotten how messy sandboxes can be. Ruby comes in with her pants full of sand every time she gets in it.
Here is our old jumpolene. We bought this
back when we lived in Red Fox. Unfortunately it had some holes that I tried patching but Ruby was able to rip it off. Maybe we will get another one for Christmas. I let them enjoy it for an afternoon till all the air was out.
Here is Ruby enjoying our spaghetti night. My
kids love to eat pasta. Usually I give Ruby just the noodles but I forgot on this night. She absolutely loved the sauce.
Well, I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the beautiful weather.