Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Father Son Campout 2008

Well, last weekend was a lot of fun for all. Larry Denzil and the boys went on their first ever father son campout. Larry's coworker came along with one of his boys as well and had a really good time. We had 3 dads from our branch show up. Larry Denzil came to the realization that he is a lot older than he used to be and can't sleep just anywhere. He came home sore all over. The boys came home exhausted. They stayed up late and woke up early and had a very full saturday. Apparently they went watersliding down a rock and went to a fish hatchery. Xander said it was really cold and little Larry says he almost drowned. Interesting. All things Larry Denzil failed to mention.

Savannah, Ruby and I went out to eat and watched Enchanted. Savannah is so in love with that movie. She told me she wished I was pretty like the princess. She also wished I could sing like her. Isn't that a wonderful mothers day present?

For mothers day, Larry Denzil did all the cooking. It was a wonderful treat. Unfortunately, he did none of the cleaning.

On sunday evening, we had a terrible wind storm here. Our power went out around 1AM and did not kick back on until 4:15PM Monday. Ethan and I were so bored. We went to McDonalds for a late breakfast and hung out at Sams. Then we went to the school and I honestly thought my power would be on by then. It was not. And the bad part was that it was too windy to play outside. There were large tree branches all over our yard and our shed door was literally ripped off. Our neighbors had numerous shingles blown off. And on the main road, there were 3 large trees uprooted. We drove around a bit and it was scarey to see all the trees that had fallen and some trees looked as though the tops had been ripped off. And a railroad crossing arm was bent over from the strong winds. Larry Denzil said it looked like a tornado came through.

Today we are getting our Apple computer. Larry Denzil is so excited.


JoJuan said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I thought it looked cold and thought it was because I'm used to Utah weather, but I guess it was cold. I'm glad everyone came home safe and happy.