Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Larry's 1st Grade Production of Caps For Sale

Today was Larry's first grade production of the book Caps For Sale.  It was very entertaining and very brief.  It kept Ethan's & Ruby's attention the whole time.  Yay!  That is my kind of school play.
This is a very busy time for me.  I had a parent teacher conference with Larry's teacher Mrs. Howie.  All good things.  He is at mid 2nd grade reading level and reads chapter books well.  His writing is at 2nd grade level and his math is at and above level depending on what you are looking at.  His teacher tells me he will have no problems next year.  I am THRILLED.  Now I know his strengths and I will be testing him on them this summer.
Next week is Xander's Kindergarten graduation.  I cannot believe it has already come to that. Last I heard, he is right on track and above level in some areas as well.  Savannah had a conference last week and just finished her EOG.  She has made great progress this year.  I just wish I could keep her working all summer so she does not lose anything she has already learned.  I will have to find something to motivate her.  Summer school starts in just 2 weeks.  Not much of a break there.  The last day of school is next thursday.  When can Ethan start school?  
Larry Denzil and Benny had a video chat last night.  It was really neat.  We got to tour his home and see little Ava.  She is very beautiful.  Benny helped Larry Denzil with the computer.  He is starting to like it more and more each day.  He and the computer had a falling out sunday and Larry was seriously ready to send it back.  You Robert's have absolutely no patience with things. He did not want to take the time to learn.  Instead he just ranted and raved.  Fun for me and the kids.
Larry Denzil has really bad poison ivy on his hands that seems to be spreading up his arms.  It is a week old now.  I think it is getting better.  He got this when he went to cut some wood in hopes of free firewood.  Needless to say, he left the wood.
Ruby has entered her terrible twos.  She is in a crying fit right now because I swapped her Nubby supposedly no spill sipper cups that leaked all over the place for the playtex brand that I knew did not leak.  Now she is angry because she has to work harder for her milk.  She is slowly adjusting.  Can you see the personality similarities in father and daughter?
I couldn't add the entire play, so I added the small bit that showed my Larry.  He was a little monkey.
 We hope everyone is healthy and happy.