Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swimming at the Pool

  Here is a picture of my 3 sharks.

We have had nothing but sunny skies here in Black Mountain.  Not a rain cloud in sight.  The kids have been enjoying every minute of it.  Here they are at the Black Mountain Pool.

 Here is a picture of Little Larry holding his breath under water.  This is the same boy that used to hate washing his hair out of fear that he would drown when I rinsed the soap out.

 Here is Ruby and Daddy playing one of their favorite games.  Jumping in.  I hope she never does this without Larry Denzil being there to catch her.

We also have membership at Cheshire gym which has a heated indoor pool.  The kids absolutely love it.  
Nothing new is going in here.  We are getting ready for our trip to Ashland to see Benny and the Hurt clan.  Larry Denzil has started building his triple bunk.  I will make sure to take plenty of pictures once he starts to put it together.  Right now he is in the cutting and staining phase.
I hope everyone else is enjoying the last few days of spring.  I forgot to mention that I cut Ruby's hair this week.

This picture is of some kids who escaped with a naked Ruby.


Kristie and Roger said...

Darling pictures.......
How come we never see a picture of you?????
You guys can come swim in my pool anytime you's only going to be about 102 today.