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Xander's Kindergarten graduation

Well, our family celebrated another milestone today.  Xander has graduated from kindergarten. Look out class of 2020.   Next school year I will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grader all in the same school.  Everyone there knows me really well because of Savannah and Larry.  I am always there.
Xander had a beautiful kindergarten graduation.  Very cute.  These teachers work so hard at teaching the children as well as putting on a nice presentation for the parents.  Friday will be the first day of summer vacation.  I cannot wait!  With daylight savings, it is hard putting my kids to bed which means it is difficult waking them up.  Not to mention having to make breakfast and lunch for 3 kids before 7.  It is quite a task.  I am looking forward to a small break.  Of course they will all be home and in my hair.  We will see how this all works.

Now onto our fort.  Larry Denzil managed to get 2 walls and the slide up on saturday.  Some of you may be thinking that is it, but when you consider this is a 1 man show and he has put maybe 10hours into this project, it is not bad.  He has gotten a lot done.  Our evenings are shot with me going to the gym and him going to the pool with the kids.  All we have is saturday mornings really.  Maybe an occasional friday evening.  He is not sure how to do the swing set portion yet. I hope you enjoy what we have thus far.  I also hope all you gals are enjoying Kentucky.  I do wish we could be there and see you all.  It is just not a convenient time for us.


Holly and Dan said…
Wow, I am really impressed with the fort. How about coming over to OH and making my boys one? Hee hee.

Seriously, though, it looks awesome. What lucky kids.

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