Monday, July 28, 2008

Canning, Dieting, and Weening Ruby from her Nubby

What a busy end of July I am having.  Today I have canned my 4th pint jar of jalapeno peppers. We have 2 little pepper plants in the garden that have been bearing so much fruit.  I have canned a jar of peppers a week because of them.  I cannot wait to can my tomatoes.  We have about 20 tomato plants with tons of fruit hanging off the vines.  Larry Denzil and the kids are in

Larry Denzil and I have started Phase 1 of the South Beach diet again.  Fun.  So far it is going well. Usually by day 4 I crave sweets, but today is a good day.  Of course it is just day 1.  Larry Denzil is doing a "Biggest Loser" challenge with the Hurt men starting Aug 1.  They are all dieting and exercising to see who can lose the most body fat.  This should prove interesting.  I won't post any humiliating pictures of us.  Of me anyways.  I think Larry Denzil would enjoy showing his pectoral muscles. He just has maybe 10 pounds to lose around the gut.  I will just keep everyone updated as we complete different phases of the diet. 

Ruby has ruined the 4th lid to her Nubby.  Because of that, I thought I could give her one of the other sipper cups we have.  WRONG!  Boy is this girl stubborn.  

Today has been an absolute nightmare with her.  You would think she has started a diet and is cranky without her chocolate.  Larry Denzil says she is a mini Marsha walking around.



Lynette News said...

I love how Ruby is stubborn about her nubby. Lol. I would die if I go on that diet...urgh who can survive on that!? Not Healthy.

Holly said...

Ooh, good luck on the diet. Man, I just can't live without my sugar. And Ruby is just adorable! I still can't get Carter off his sippy cups, but I confess I don't mind much, since he doesn't make any spills!

Good job on the canning! I'm jealous.