Saturday, July 26, 2008

Christmas in July

What a fun evening we had last night.  A fellow family at Church invited us to a Christmas in July celebration with 5 other families.  Our kids had an absolute blast.  Maggi thought of everything right down to the turkey and ham.  She even had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree displayed for the kids to decorate.  As they decorated, the kids were suppose to share a Christmas tradition.  All my kids could think of was opening Christmas presents and eating candy out of their stockings.  We are going to have to work harder this year with our traditions.

They read "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and even had a snow ball fight.  Yes, you read correctly, a snowball fight in July.  She had marshmallows for the kids to throw and boy did they throw them.  They went  absolutely crazy.  My kids LOVED it.  I wish I had lots of pictures to share, but I forgot my camera. Here are some pictures that Larry took with her camera.  I hope you all enjoy.


Holly and Dan said...

What a fun idea! It looks like you guys had a blast. I love a Charlie Brown Christmas!

I've been thinking how important traditions are and am wondering what my kids would say our traditions are 20 years down the road. It makes me want to create some more really good traditions. I personally loved going to Granny Roberts for Christmas Eve and as an adult now, I am so sad that we really don't have that anymore. I mean, we've tried but it just isn't the same without Granny and some good fiddling and banjo playing!