Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Improvements

July has been a busy month for us as far as repairs.  Larry Denzil finally got the boys triple bunk built.  Extremely heavy bed that is definitely staying here after we move.  Anyways, it has made their room less crowded and more livable.  

We also got a free bunk bed for the girls.  Savannah loves it.  Ruby could care less, but she is out of the crib and in a big girl bed.  Just one more milestone she has met.

Larry Denzil was out of town this week so I did some home improvements of my own.  I installed curtains in the kids bedrooms and I painted their bathroom.  Painting a bathroom sounds easy unless it is my kids bathroom.  I had to repair all the holes, do some sanding, and wipe down all the fingerprints and crayon marks.  My kids love me.  Anyways, after a day of sweat and tears, I was able to put a fresh coat of melon green paint on the walls.  Yes it is bright, but very kid appropriate.  They love it.



Holly and Dan said...

Wow, I would never even think of tackling a painting job on my own. It looks awesome!

I can't believe Ruby is in a big girl bed! Our kids are growing up on us. Actually, though, I still have Carter in a crib and am going to keep him in it until we have a new baby. It doesn't bother him to sleep in it and I know he isn't going anyplace!