Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Vacation!?!? Part 2

Friday, June 20, was the day that we were suppose to leave for Nauvoos.  I was so excited.  1. I had never been before.  2. It was a rough week with all the kids being sick, I really just needed a break.  So Thursday morning, I had been packing and doing all the laundry.  I thought everyone was feeling better.  Ruby was the only one not to get the virus and I was hoping she would not.  Savannah woke up with a migraine and honestly I did not think anything of it.  She has these on occasion.  It runs in the family.  I gave her some Motrin and she went and lied down with Mamaw.  About an hour later, I was told Savannah had a seizure.  "You have to be kidding   me!?"  Savannah has been seizure free for 4 and a half years and her doc took her off drugs 7 months ago.  She was doing so good.  A small part of me thought maybe it was the migraine and she would not have any more.  When she had her second one, I called her neuro and then called Larry Denzil.  She had very few that day.  I think she had maybe 7 all together, but we did take her to the ER in hopes of getting some adivan for her.  They would not give us any because her neuro had an EEG scheduled for the following week and they said it could affect the results.  He did give us some valium though.  Savannah had just 1 seizure friday but remained very quiet.  We drove back to Asheville late saturday afternoon.  Before hand, we were able to take the kids to a "petting zoo."  I do not know if you can really call it that.  These animals looked so sad in their tiny little cages.  Such inhumane conditions.  I did take some pictures of the kids though.

Here is my baboon asleep on the hearth.  This is where he slept all week.  He loved it.

So we went home for a few days before going back to Ashland for Ava's blessing.  Savannah had a good week at home.  I took her to the doc on tuesday where they did an EEG.  It showed no residual seizure activity.  Everything came back normal.  Her doc was very confused and decided to put her back on the depakote.  I agreed.  I loved her being off the drugs, but always felt better with her on them.  My biggest fear is for her to have a seizure at school in front of her peers and I am not there to protect her.
So we left for Ashland thursday evening.  It was a very wet 4th.  The kids still had fun though.  We set up their slip and slide and they played for hours.  Ethan and Denzil became quite the dynamic duo.  They were very cute together.  It will take some time for Ruby and Emalene to appreciate one anothers company.  I think they each saw the other as a threat.

Later in the evening, it was time for the fire works.  My kids love loudness and fire.  So much of their Daddy is in them.  The Hurt boys put on quite a show.

Ethan could not be torn away from the fire pit and the marshmallows.  I do not know how many he actually ate.  Every time I turned around the boy was burning another one.

Late saturday and sunday became a picture taking opportunity.  On Saturday, Larry Denzil took pictures of the entire Hurt clan.  We also took couple shots of two of our most favorite Hurts, Sheba and Hope.  

Sunday was Ava's blessing and we have a picture of her blessing circle.  Sheba made the beautiful gown and coat.  Ava truly looked like Heavenly royalty.

OK, if you are wondering why I did not get a picture of Ethan, he and Denzil escaped to their Sunbeam class together.  This picture of Ruby makes her look so chubby.  I don't think she is that chubby, but compared to Emalene, she was a giant.

Sunday was the beginning of a long monday for Larry Denzil and I emotionally.  He and Savannah were walking hand in hand into the chapel Sunday morning when Savannah collapsed with a seizure.  Her normal seizures are while sleeping so this was a rare thing for us.  After that one seizure, she was fine.  We thought maybe sleep deprivation had a role in all this.  But then monday came around and we knew she had plenty of sleep.  We documented 21 seizures from 5AM to 2:30PM, but we think she may have had more in her sleep.  It was a very exhausting day for us. We did come to the realization that we need a new doctor.  Ours would not work with us for some reason.  We knew adivan would stop these seizures and her doc would not prescribe them.  It was not till Larry called, that they gave us the prescription.  I think they thought I was just an over reacting mom.  Luckily a new pediatric neuro has moved to Asheville.  Pray for us that he is better than the last.  After 5 days of near silence, Savannah started talking to us Saturday evening and has not stopped.  Her reading was affected and we have been working hard to get back on track.  Thanks to all who sent her care packages and warm wishes.  She truly feels loved and blessed.  


Kristie and Roger said...

Marsha, bless your heart. I am so sorry your going through all this stuff. My second child had a lot of neuro problems as well.....
I will keep your family in my thought's and prayers.

Holly and Dan said...

Wow! I love all the pictures! The kids seemed to have so much fun. That baby blessing dress for little Ava is just gorgeous. Wow! And Benny looks so grown up. Boy, when did we start getting old? LOL

We keep our little Savannah in our prayers.

Love ya guys!