Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brownie Camp out

Alright.  Our little Brownie Troop finally had their first camp out.  Courtney and I took the easy way out.  Friday night was girl scout night with the Asheville Tourists,  the Colorado Rockies Farm Team.  After the game, the girls were able to camp out on the field.  It was actually a lot of fun.  Savannah came out of her shell and was such a social butterfly.

Here is Savannah with Miss NC 2008.  Miss NC was very popular 
with all the little girls in the stands.  And can I just say, she walked
around the entire stadium wearing 3 inch heels.  YIKES!

Here are my boys with Miss NC.  Doesn't Larry look psyched.  
Xander just wanted to know if that Tiara was real diamonds.

Ok, Ruby Isabella is such a clown.  She continually made faces for a 
young couple sitting across from us.  They thought she was
an adorable little thing.  

Here are just some of my little Brownie Troop.  They were
hooting and hollering with all the songs.

Here is Ethan with his balloon dog.  There was a man there making balloon animals.
He was asking for tips and donations before he would make one.  
What a gimmick.  I know these balloons do not cost that much.  
He made $20 alone with our little Brownie Troop.  At least Ethan is 
very excited.  This pet last almost 1 hour before popping in the restroom.

Let the camp out begin.  Here is Savannah under the score board.

Here is Savannah in our tent.  We were the first ones to get our 
tent up.  Not bad for someone who has never put one together by herself.

Here is Savannah and Carly, her best friend.  They had so much energy.

Savannah resting after many somersaults.  

Well, I survived the camp out.  Just barely.  The field lights weren't turned off till midnight.  And I have a habit of waking up at 5:30AM.  So you can imagine how much sleep I did not get.  Savannah had so much fun and that is truly all that matters.  
Saturday afternoon, we spent teaching Xander how to ride his bike.  He did really well for being such a fraidy cat.

Here is Xander and Larry Denzil working on his bike.  My curiousity is can't you Roberts'
work on anything without that tongue sticking out?  Xander was so proud to
fix his rear tire.  Something his big brother has not been able to do.

Here is Ruby driving Larry Denzil's car.  Look out teenage years!

What is wrong with this picture?  Would it be little Larry 
pushing Larry Denzil on the swing?  That is not our yard by the way.  
That is our neighbor Ronnie's field.  He has swings on the trees for 
his "babies" to play on.  
He's doing it!  Xander pedaled a few feet by himself till he realized 
Larry Denzil was no longer holding on.

Here he is going in for a crash landing into the yard.

Now daddy has him...

Now Daddy does not....


Holly and Dan said...

Oh, I loved being in the Brownies! What a great mom you are to help out Savannah's troop (and to camp out!).