Monday, September 22, 2008

72 Hour Kit Madness

Wow!  What a chaotic Monday morning I have had.  Ruby woke up at 11:30Pm after just 2 hours of sleep with a fever.  We gave her some tylenol and went back to sleep.  At 2:30AM she was wide awake with a fever of 102.2.   She wasn't really fussy or anything.  She was just wide awake.  I gave her some more tylenol when it was time, and we headed to the doctors for sick clinic after the boys got off on the bus.  I took her and Ethan and Savannah.  Ethan has had a cough for about 2 weeks now and Savannah showed us a nasty rash on the back of her head.   Ruby's temperature spiked to 103.8 while at the doctors office.  The doctor did blood work and found Ruby's white blood count was high.  So they did a strep culture which came back negative.  They tried to do a urine culture but that is hard on an unpotty trained little person.  So we were sent home in hopes that some motrin would relieve the fever and another day might show more symptoms that the doctor can treat.  Ethan's cough was due to a sinus infection which infected his ear as well.  So he was given some drugs.  Now Savannah's rash is believed to be ringworm.  The doctor said it is very common in active children who play outside.  Really?  I did not know that.  Seriously.  Luckily it is a small patch behind the head and above her neck.  Right in her hair.  So the doctor prescribed an 8 week antibiotic that she must eat with fatty foods.  She also recommended some selsun blue.
On a happy note, we had our family home evening last night.  We put together 72 hour kits for each member of our family.  We have the tents, the food, the first aid kits, the water,the canteens, the emergency blankets, ponchos, just about EVERYTHING you can think of.  We only need comfort items along with clothing and a hikers water purifier.  We have Savannah's medicine and Larry's supplies.  Our packs are full.  Especially Larry Denzil's since he has food for him, Ruby and Ethan not to mention our tent.  I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

Here is a picture earlier in the week
of all the boxes in my living room. 
We ordered our supplies from all
over.  Emergency Essentials, Camp Mor, Amazon... Just to name a few.
A lot of the small stuff like the
ponchos and blankets we purchased
in the $1 bins of Target.  I love Target!

Here is Ethan among all the chaos.  We had packs
for each of the 4 older kids and each had a good 
amount of emergency supplies.

Here is little Larry with all his stuff organized
neatly on the floor.

Here is Larry Denzil counting out MREs for all the family.  
We had a 3 day supply for all 7 members.

Here is some of the mess in my living room.
We had light sticks, matches, heat pads.
You name it, we probably had it.
Larry Denzil was very serious about 
the family being prepared.
Here is Ethan modeling with his
personal mess kit.

Here is Ruby and Ethan modeling
our little Scout Canteens.
Ethan thinks we can now
drink cowboy water. 
He believes it tastes better than
"people water."
Here is Xander squishing one of  60 water
pouches that we purchased.  I am 
just waiting for one to explode.
Here is Savannah with all her items.

Here are the kids stuffing their packs:

Here they all are modeling their full
72 hour kit packs on:
These are a couple of fun pictures of Ruby.
She loves to pose in front of a camera.

This is the Isabella look.  She is sooo up to

Here is our happy girl wishing all you people a 
wonderful week.


Holly and Dan said...

I need to do my 72 hour kits! When we had our bad wind storm a week or so ago, we went to get our kits and they had expired 5 years ago!!

I wonder if you could let me know where you got the water pouches. How did you come up with what to put in your kits??