Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Being Sentimental

I was checking for updated blogs and saw that Larry's cousin had updated hers.  I checked it out and her blog sent you to caringbridge.  I thought, "man that sounds familiar."  I was never thinking of little Larry.  I knew we had done a page for Xander to show the progress of his clubbed feet.  Anyways, I found Larry's and got a little teary eyed seeing two of my babies back in their pure and innocent ages.  Back when they did not talk back and loved you no matter what.  If you want to check out the old caring bridge site, go to  And if any of you happen to save emails and find Xander's old site, please send it my way.


Kristie and Roger said...

One day, you will be so happy you have done this. I had a journal of all the doctor's Travis had seen and all the meds and so on, well it kinda made it back to Travis, but I journaling when he was about 6 and that's sad.....cause we had so much more to go through. A part of you wants to forget all this stuff, but with all history, it is important.
Just life with health problems is so much eaiser now days. Thank Heavens.

Holly and Dan said...

Oh, they were such sweeties (and still are!). I love going over Carter and Noah's baby pictures and I get all nostalgic and want to cry.

I searched my email but didn't come up with the website you were looking for.

bow mom said...

Wow, YOu all have been through a lot. I'm a wuss as I cried after leaving Rissa in the NICU when she was born for 7 days. Then Hunter was in the hospital for 3 days 2 years ago Labor Day as They think it was Near SID's in other words I have a loving Heavenly Father who prompted me to save my baby as when I went in he was purple and not moving. Only after he got a blessing did we see a slight movement and then rushed to the hospital. 3 days of test and nothing. But, great tirage people who verified he was hardly breathing when we got there.