Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Ruby

Alright so we had a little girl turn 2 in our house this week.  Larry and I were feeling a little weepy about it all.  She is the last baby so we wanted to capture every moment.  It was a really rough week for her and the rest of the family.  Larry Denzil is finishing his close out at work.  Ethan had a sinus infection / ear infection, Xander has a bad sprain, and after 3 visits to the pediatrician, Ruby was finally diagnosed with an ear infection and the croup.  Ordinarily I would not take Ruby to the doctor so many times.  The 1st day she had a high fever but all tests were normal.  The 2nd day they wanted to check her over and see if any symptoms appeared.  Of course I am the luckiest mother in the world.  No symptoms appeared.  So I took her on a 3rd day because she had 3 days of no sleep and every time she burped, she grabbed her ear and cried in pain.  On to happy thoughts.  Ruby is finally much better and sleeping through the night.  Here is her last night being 1.

Here is the last night we had a 1 year old in our home.
Isn't she absolutely precious?  She is sitting in her
most favorite seat in the house, MY ROCKER!

Here is the birthday girl on a rainy friday afternoon.
Our power shut off at noon and did not return until almost 7.
Good thing we have those 72 hour kits.  Not that I used it.

Here is Ruby posing with her birthday crown.  
This is her crown from last year.  So on the
back side, it has the big number 1.
Balloons.  The best gift any child could have 
on their special day.
The huge balloon was absolutely annoying.
It sang Happy Birthday every time someone 
touched it.  Fun for me.  It was suppose to 
just last 50 songs, but I am sure the kids have played 
it a couple hundred times.
Ruby is trying to show me her princess balloon.
Here Ruby is opening one of her birthday cards.
My kids all know mail is special.

She finally got it open after 5
gripping minutes.

OK, so here is Ruby with her birthday gift.  
It shows you do not have to give your
child something big and extravagant or 
a ton of gifts.  We kept Ruby's very simple.
We took her to Toys R Us where she picked out this baby
and we got her a little stroller to push her around in.
She absolutely loves it.
This is Ruby 2 hours after receiving the gift.
She is still pushing the baby around and just grinning
from ear to ear.  It really melted my heart.

Onto party time.  Because of the power outage, 
we had to have the cake and ice cream
on the next day.  

Little Larry was upset with us.  Ethan said he did 
something and Larry said he did not.  We took 
Ethan's side and he got upset.  My big kids
forget how little Ethan is because he has
such a strong personality.  He always makes
sure they include him in on everything.

So here is the cake before I iced it.
I got a castle cake pan to have a
princess party.  
Here is my home made butter cream 
getting a color treatment.
Happy 2nd Ruby.  Not bad for an amateur.
Thank you Sister Stowers for the
cake decorating classes.
Here is Ruby hamming it up for the camera.
She was so patient for a piece of cake.
Here she is praying for that piece.

Happy 2nd Ruby Isabella.
Thank you for being a part
of our little family.
We love you so much!!!


Bridget said...

wow, looks like a great party. That cake looks awesome!!!!!!