Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day At The Dentist

What a painfully expensive day we had today.  I took Xander and Ethan to the dentists for some fillings.  Xander had 2 spots and Ethan had 3.  Sugar bugs is what they call it.  I call it the dentists' child college fund.  I dragged Savannah along because she had a clogged saliva gland. It was right in the middle of her bottom lip and just would not go away.  I thought they drained it or lanced it.  Wrong!  They have to cut it out.  We got to the dentists at 7:30 for an 8AM appointment.  Savannah went back right at 8 and did not come out till 11.  They did not put her under.  They just numbed the area well and cut the growth.  The dentist said it was quite deep and she had to get about 3 stitches.  They prescribed her Tylenol 3 so it was a major event. Here are my babies all swollen.

Here is Ethan with his chipmunk cheek.  This is nearly
4 hours after being worked on.  The purple thing
is his "nose" they let him keep after going under.
He was so groggy and wobbly afterwards.

Here is Xander who also was put under.  He was very
emotional so I decided to keep him home for the day.
I guess we all need a little spoiling from time to time.
Here is Savannah with a large wound on her lip.
I feel so bad because I thought it was going to be
so much smaller.  She is so tough.  The dentist said she
never cried or wiggled.  She just lied there perfectly
still for them.  She is so not my daughter.
I cringe at the sight of needles.

Here are my 3 wounded babies.  Notice,
no Larry.  He has had no cavities the last 2 dental visits.
I am so proud of him and thankful he does not
add to the expense!

Here is my Ruby Isabella doing exactly what I want to 
do after a long, hard, expensive morning.


Holly and Dan said...

Oh, I hate dentists! Your poor kids! I remember once when Dan had 12 cavities at once. I about killed him because I knew how expensive it was going to be!

The picture of Ruby is so cute. I know how it is to want to just curl up and shut out the world for a few minutes!

Marsha said...

Yikes 12 cavities! My friend's daughter had a cavity on every tooth that set them back about 3 grand. I guess I should be thankful they just had a handful.

J and C said...

How sad! Poor Savannah! Honestly, that is why people are afraid to go to the dentist. They say it's supposed to be one quick simple thing and you are in there for 3 hours with 10 stitches.

Otherwise I am glad they all survived! We miss you guys!

Love, Cass

Destinee said...

Uuugh! You have had sooo much going on. You deserve to curl up next to miss Ruby. By the way- we have the same couch!