Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rainy Day

As many of you know, the Roberts' household has had a really rough couple of weeks. Savannah had 5 seizures last week.  Nothing detrimental, we just could not find the cause.  She had her last seizure last friday.  She was well enough that we were able to enjoy a wonderful conference weekend.  We had our good friends, the Johns family over for the saturday sessions and all was good.  On Sunday, we watched the morning session at the stake center.  Afterwards, all the kids came home and had a good time outside,  including Savannah.

Come monday, things changed dramatically.  Savannah woke up at 5AM getting ready for school.  Yes, this is very early.  I do not wake the kids up till 6 so I sent her back to bed.  I think she was just excited to get out of the house because she missed school all of last week.  At 6AM, I heard her having a seizure.  I quickly gave her our new nasal anti convulsant that we were so thrilled to receive.  It does not work on Savannah.  She had 15 seizures total that we caught.  I quickly made a doctors appointment with her pediatrician to make sure she did not have an underlying illness.  I also called the neuro to let them know what was going on.  

Larry Denzil met me at the doctors because I could not carry Savannah in and have Ruby as well.  We got to the doctor's office and all was ok.  Savannah was awake and eating cheerios. She could not communicate with us verbally, but she was making gestures.  We were out in the waiting area for more than 40 minutes.  You moms all know how long a wait can be.  Larry Denzil was getting very impatient and the sign said if you wait more than 30, let someone know.  I laughed and told him that was there just to make you happy because your wait can be up to an hour.  He just needed to be thankful that he was in the large waiting room with a TV and not in a tiny exam room.  
(Two weeks ago I was left in one of those tiny exam rooms for 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I had all 5 kids and Ruby was very sick.  A different side of me came out.  I swung the door
open and asked if someone was going to tend to us because they squished my family in that very tiny room.  I saw 3 doctors and 2 staff members standing around their desks just talking.  We were immediately waited on and the doctor hugged me on the way out.  I think she thought I was having a nervous breakdown.  I was just ANGRY and tired for waiting so long.  Honestly, it was inexcusable on their part.) 
Larry went to the desk anyways, and there were 2 patients in front of us.  About 10 minutes later, Savannah had a seizure so I went up to the desk and politely asked how much longer and then let them know that Savannah was convulsing.  Wow!  Were we treated like royalty.  They rushed us back to an exam room and apologized constantly.  Then we had about 3 nurses and 2 doctors caring for our child.  Savannah had 5 seizures in 1 hour while at the doctors office.  So now 2 pediatricians along with about 3 nurses and 1 lab person, knows what Savannah's seizures look like.  After her 4th seizure and after talking with her neurologist, they decided to give her an injection of ativan.  This has always been our go to drug when she has her flurries. After 30 minutes of calm, they decided to let us go home.  Everyone always wants to send us to the hospital, but that is a waste of time for us. The hospital has always used us to monitor Savannah.  We have dealt with these seizures for 10 years so I think we have it under control.

Unfortunately the ativan did not stop her seizures altogether.  This is why I said 15 seizures that we caught.  She was having mild seizures that we only noticed based on the way she was breathing as she was coming out of the seizure.  Because she was having so many mild seizures, we decided to give her a shot of valium at 9PM.  Very Scarey!  Because of all the medication she had received during the day, we had to monitor her closely.  No sleep for me.  Every movement Savannah made, I jumped up full of anxiety.  At 3AM, Savannah woke up like nothing happened and went to the restroom.  I was so thankful that she was awake and walking.  

So now Savannah has been seizure free for nearly 48 hours.  She is extremely fidgety and does not understand anything.  She can talk, but her voice is very soft.  And her attention span and short term memory are shot.  She will ask me something 20 times.  Her behavior and understanding have digressed and I have to be extremely patient with her.  I do miss my little girl very much.  I think our family will celebrate when she fully recovers and returns to us.
Here is my little girl today.
Her eyes are still very droopy.

Onto some happy and crazy moments today.

Here is Ruby and Ethan playing a new game.
As long as they are not fighting, I am thrilled.
Ruby is usually pulling Ethan by the hair and biting.
I usually have a difficult time keeping clothes on Ruby.
For some reason, today I had a difficult time keeping
her diaper on.  She was running around everywhere naked.
Here she is proud of her nudity.  Luckily she has never peed
on anything.  At least not that I am aware of.
Yes, I take a lot of pictures of Ruby.
Here is my girl playing another favorite 
game.  This one is called stealing Mommy's seat.
And finally, I was surprised today
with 2 dozen gorgeous long stemmed roses
from my eternal companion.  This is a rarity
for Larry Denzil.  He does not like buying
 flowers that will inevitably die.

I do hope that everyone is healthy and staying out of the doctors office.  We thank everyone for their continued prayers.


Saumsiegle Family said...

Oh Marsha! I feel for you and Larry. You are both so strong and hopeful that you make me realize just how thankful I should be for the health of my family.

The picture of Ruby is priceless. What a cute bum!

And if you haven't gone crazy on a doctor or two then you aren't a Roberts. It's a rite of passage.

Lew said...

I'm so sorry you have been through so much these past few days. I will definitely keep your entire family, especially Savannah, in my prayers. What can I do that would be helpful? I'd love to assist in any way possible.
Love, Leslie

Marsha said...

Just knowing that people care and are praying for Savannah is all we need at this point. Everything else I do like house work and cooking keeps my mind off of Savannah and makes everything feel normal. If any of you want to do something for her, she is suddenly in love with nail polish. She is such a little girl.
Thanks for the prayers and kind words,

Lynette News said...

Purple nail polish?

Tammie Ashley said...

Marsha I am so glad that your family was able to have such a fun day together. You are an amazing mother. Your family will be in our prayers. Thank you for sharing the darling pictures of your chilren. We miss you all. With lots of love, Tammie