Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stepp's Orchard 2008

Okay.  I know that Holly and Krista's family have both enjoyed the pumpkin patch.  Now it is our turn.  Ours was actually a Brownie field trip.  Out of 15 Brownies, we had 5 girls show up with their families and it was a nice little outing.  Lynette, you will be happy to know that it was cold here this weekend.  We were in the mountains of Western North Carolina on an apple farm.  It was absolutely beautiful country with all the colors of the trees.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Here is Xander, the first to pose in the cutout.

Here is little Ethan Andrew, barely tall enough to peep out.

Here is my blondie.  Krista, I think he belongs to you.
He is always smiling, talking, and just all around extremely happy.

Here is Savannah enjoying her first trip to the orchard.
Here my boys are enjoying some sweet apples.

Ruby is enjoying a Gala.

Ruby and her silly dad.

Here is Savannah and her friend Grace.
Such sweet little girls.

Here is proof of the cold afternoon.  Xander had to borrow
Daddy's jacket in the blistering wind.
It was probably 50 but we acted like it was 20.
Just 3 days ago we were enjoying 85 degree
weather.  What happened?

Here is my Isabella popping out of the sunflower maze.
She was having too much fun here.

Here are my older kids waiting for Ruby and Dad
to hurry through the sunflowers and soy beans.

Hopping along.

I just wanted to take one picture of all the apple trees we 
were passing in the trailer.  Look at the
beautiful Fall colors in the back ground.

Here is my Larry enjoying the ride around the farm.

This is rare moment.  Savannah and Ethan are 
not fighting.  I have proof now that it can
be done.

Here are all the kids waiting patiently to choose their little
pumpkin.  The tour guide is explaining how pumpkins
grow.  I think my kids are trying to figure out who
will get the largest out of this small group.

Here is Ruby picking her Golden Delicious.

Ethan was hunting for the largest apples on the tree.
He got lucky that a lot of them were under the tree where
only he could fit.

Here is Savannah looking for only the perfect apples.
She did not want any brown spots on her apples.

Here is Xander proud that he could cram as many
apples as he did in his tiny little bag.

Here is Larry with his sweet treat.

Here is Ethan and one of his buds, Parker.
This little boys has the most beautiful curly, blonde hair.

Here is my crew with all their treats.  They just enjoyed
a cup of fresh apple cider.

Here is Ruby enjoying the cut outs again.

Here is Ethan posing his pumpkin.  He was so
proud of his little pumpkin.

This picture has nothing to do with the Pumpkin Patch.
I took it early this evening.  Ruby, Larry and Ethan enjoying a 
Dragon movie.

This is the look that only you Barker / Roberts can give.
She is caught enjoying some chocolate.  This girl
loves her chocolate.


JoJuan said...

so ruby likes cut outs?


bow mom said...

How fun. The colors are beautiful. I miss fall so much! I want to take my kids to an apple orchard ;( Glad you all had a great time.

Holly and Dan said...

Oh, I love those fall pictures. I always feel sorry for people who don't get all 4 seasons.

Looks like you guys had so much fun!
Your kids are so adorable.

And I love the picture of Ruby with her chocolate. Hilarious. And yes, I've seen that look on many a Roberts/Barker girl. Cracks me up.

Saumsiegle Family said...

Great and funny pictures! Your pumpkin patch visit seemed much more organized and like a fair. I love the cut outs too!! Very, very cute. And I did notice Ruby not wearing any pants....let Larry know I saw it!

Kristie and Roger said...

Have you thought about becoming a professional blogger? You take beautiful pictures.........and the kids are kinda cute too!!