Sunday, October 12, 2008

Visit to Black Mountain Fire House

Yesterday, our town fire department had an open house.  Larry Denzil and I thought it was going to be a small event.  It was quite the opposite.  The entire town came out and they were giving truck rides, had safety exhibits, showed the firehouse...  It was quite a neat experience for the kids.

Here is Savannah after having her face painted.
Here is Ethan with a football on his face.

Larry is getting red flames painted on his.

Xander had a yellow snake painted on his.

Here is Larry in the cop car.
The back seat of this car had no leg room.
Here is Savannah looking all delicate.
Xander was super excited to be sitting inside this car. 
Here the kids are getting ready for a truck ride.
They were giving rides in all the trucks including the super large ones.
We thought it was safer for our kids to be in this small antique car.

Notice the bell instead of a siren.  Apparently, while driving around,
Xander took it upon himself to ring the bell.  He is so

This truck was making such a large clanking noise like the car in
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I think that is why the fire fighter was checking
it out.  Maybe they did not expect a large turn out of
people either.

Here are the kids in front of the fire fighter uniforms.
The boys thought they were really cool.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your children will want to be a police officer like me! Yeah!! I could teach them some tricks of the trade. I'm glad Savannah is doing better.

If you have time, please say a pray or two for Kirsty and my mom. We have a small glimmer of hope with a meeting they have with a lawyer, an asst. D.A., and a batterred women's advocate meeting today. It may be our last chance.

Keep blogging. I throughly enjoy it and live vicariously through you. :)

Love ya!

Holly and Dan said...

Oh, Carter would have loved this! I wish our firehouse would have an open house!

Lynette News said...

Wow! Again they are having another adventures...must be wonderful to be at that age.

Destinee said...

Okay- you guys are soooo adventurous! And I love all the pics and journaling. You are awesome. Thanks for sharing those recipes. I'm going to have to try those. (Ryan has been totally craving scones ever since we saw that post!) I'm so glad Savannah is doing better.

JoJuan said...

i wish i came with you!