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On Saturday, Larry's eldest sister Brysha came in for a visit.  It has been just over 1 year and 1 child ago since we have seen her and her family last.  It was a nice reunion among cousins and siblings.

Here is Bryleigh and Ruby bonding on Larry
Denzil's lap. I am surprised Ruby was willing to share.
She is in the no phase of her life after all.  Just
ask poor Ethan.

Here is Ethan and his new BFF Erylynne (Brysha,
forgive me if I misspell these very unique names).
They came to the conclusion that they are both
4, with brown hair, and names starting with the letter E.
They also share a birthday month.  Erylynne is
just 3 weeks older than Ethan.

Aren't they adorable.  It makes me wish we lived
closer to family.

I just loved the happiness these two shared
with one another.  It was such a pleasure to see.

I am not sure what Ethan is doing here, but he
sure is very happy.

Here is another pair of BFFs.  Ruby and Bryleigh
were getting along so well with one another.

Girl talk anyone?

They followed one another everywhere.

Here is part of the clan enjoying each others company.

Aren't they just adorable?

Ruby and Bryleigh will do anything for pictures.

Here is Nate and Steven playing Apples to Apples.
Another pair of BFFs.


Very beautiful children...what genetics! was so awesome to see everyone hanging but I still wanted my black friday pictures!
Marsha said…
I was all for taking some pictures, but my camera is too big. I wanted something more pocket sized. Perry Blake does have some video on his facebook page from his black friday experience. He and Angie camped out at 11:00 PM.
What a blessing to have family together and spend time together and love each other. We went to DC with our sons and family on Thanksgiving and it was great. We loved every minute we had together.
Holly and Dan said…
Wish Noah hadn't gotten sick! Great pics.

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