Friday, January 16, 2009

A Busy Day

Yesterday, Savannah's Brownie Troop
had a meeting at the Health Adventure
here in town.  They were earning a special
try it on My Body.  So while she was with her
group, I took my other 4 to the Curious George exhibit.
Boy was it a huge hit.  Here is Ruby all
over the man of the hour.

Here is Ethan, my little man.  If there
are costumes around, you can bet this boy
will put them on.  

The golf ball set up was a big hit with all my kids.
Xander and Larry were hogging all the balls and sending
them down one after the other.

This little contraption was a big hit as well.  Ruby loved
putting the blocks on the conveyer belt as the boys were wheeling
it up and over into a pit.  Look at her hard at

The kids and I had fun emailing photos home.  
Unsure of the surprises that would await us.
Ruby was a bit unsure sitting on the stool,
but she still took a cute photo.
Ethan is pure joy waiting to explode wherever 
he goes.  He grabbed hold of some tubing
and looks like he is yelling yee haw.
Xander and Larry are quite unsure of their
mugshot.  I am sure I can use these pictures
in future dating embarrassments.

After it was all said and done, we headed over to the surgery
center for a quick tour.  Savannah was to have her tonsils
removed friday morning so they wanted to show the kids what
to expect.  Larry of course was a know it all as far as what to
expect.  The poor kid has had more surgeries than birthdays, but we hope to change
that here soon.  Anyways, Savannah was excited to death
to have the procedure done.  The girl loves ice cream
and when the doc said a diet of nothing but
ice cream, she was on board.
Here is my Ruby, modeling her newest costume.
They gave all the kids a cap and gown
along with a goody bag of tubing and a mask.
Very interesting.  When Larry had surgery at 1, he
walked away with his very own Ambu bag.  I am sure
he was the envy of all children everywhere.


Lynette News said...

what's ambu bag?

Marsha said...

Ambu bags are what you see in the movies and on tv shows. When someone can't breathe well on their own, they use it. It has a mask attached to it and they squeeze the bag to send air through the mask. Larry loved his and hugged it like a bear.

Lynette News said...

Oh wow, he must loved feeling extra special...I dont blame him. He deserve it!