Friday, January 16, 2009

Savannah's Surgery

Here is my little Savannah after having
her tonsils and adenoids removed.
I was not told about the adenoids, but Larry said the doc was
looking at them and decided they were quite large as well.

So my little girl survived her first surgery that she was so 
excited to have.  I think she was tired hearing about the 
3 boys different surgeries from Larry's numerous
major surgeries down to Xander's tenotomy
and Ethan's hernia repair.  Geez, boys.

Anyways, all is well with our little girl,
aside from getting her nose to stop bleeding.
She is not complaining much of pain right now
and is drinking just fine.
Yay Savannah.


Patricia H. Bradley said...

I know it is so, hard seeing your child or children go through the surgery and illnesses of life. I remember when my son had his out and he is almost 32, but is turned into a big problem and he got step into his bloodstream and became critically ill for several days after. It is never easy as a parent to see them suffer. If you are like me, I would rather it be me. I am in the hospital now with my Dad, most of the week with the chest and lung surgery he had. It has been ok, but slow and hard on him. He thought he could push through it and be home in 2-3 day but here we are 5 days later. Well, anyway, I will say prayers for your family and please remember my folks in your prayers. Take care. Pat

Patricia H. Bradley said...

Oh yeah, tell her surgery isn't what they talk it up to be. I would rather have attention going out with my family and having fun, and bet she would about now. lol Give her my love to, and let her know I asked about her and want her to get well soon. She needs all the attention for now! Pat