Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy Hard Month

I just wanted to share Savannah's new purple blanket
I sewed together last week.  Talk about a super simple project.
2 yards of fleece and 2 yards of the furry purple sewn
together and you have a young girls favorite blanket.

Here she is before the illness took hold.
She was enjoying a little webkins
on the computer during our crazy snow days.

Here is Savannah doing her usual thing these days, sleep.
I guess her body is still fighting the croup and
recovering from the multiple seizures.
It has been just 3 days, but I am looking
forward to having my active little
chatter box back.
Thanks for all the prayers.

Onto daily things.  This week has been
no different than others, aside from 
Savannah's illness.  This is Ruby
after she poured an entire cup
of milk into her hair.  I am
not sure if it is another
trendy shampoo or what?
She ran through my living room saying
"Ethan, I need to brush my hair."
I looked at her and thought "What!?"
It was hard being mad at this cute
little thing.
After all, she was going to brush it.

Here is a nice peaceful moment.  You have to cherish 
these.  They are very rare in this house.
Notice the blue in the carpet.
Yes, that is the mouthwash from a previous post.
I probably could have gotten it out, but we
are planning on putting in some
new flooring.

I wish I would have taken a picture of this event.
Yesterday, the two younger kids were extremely quiet so I went
through the house expecting the worse.
To my amazement, 
I found Ruby in her bedroom quietly playing with a puzzle.
I thought "Ahhh, no troubles here."  Then
I realized Ethan was still missing.
Tadah, the worse....
I called out his name and he jumped
from behind the couch.
I look and to my shock, 
he has  poured an entire bottle of glue onto
my vacuum cleaner.  Oh, it was such a mess.
It took more than an hour to get it off, and some of it is still
there.  Luckily the vacuum still functions.

Onto motherly duties.  So when can you expect
your boys to keep a clean room?  Or at least be responsible 
enough to put things up where they belong.
We have offered the older boys rewards,
allowance, game or TV time....
Anything I feel might motivate them.
Guess what, we have not found that magical
key of motivation yet.
Yesterday, I went into their room thinking, this is not bad.
They did a decent job cleaning.
I take a closer look at Larry's bed and can you 
guess what I found?

Yes, all this was wedged between the bed and the wall.
Can you believe that boys can cram this much junk
into a small tight space?  I sure can't!?
If this is what 7 & 8 year olds are throwing my way,
I am going to dread their teen years.


Holly and Dan said...

Oh, your post made me feel so much better! Noah has been making such big messes lately and it's been driving me crazy. It's good to have a reminder that's what little kids do -- make messes!

Destinee said...

That blanket looks so inviting.
I'm so sorry about Savannah. Ryan told me she was having seizures again. So does she mostly get them if she is sick with something else? That poor girl. We missed you all on Sunday.
Milk might be good for scrunching hair!
It is amazing the piles that fit in the tightest spaces!
Hope this month gets better. Quick!

J and C said...

What motivated me to clean my room was the threat of the "black bag". Which was to say my mother would comein and throw anything she wanted away while I ran ahead trying to put things away. And it really did work.

The Arrrrrgalls said...

Holly cow!! Everyday must be a new adventure for you, and I bet you just laugh at these little free spirit's. So glad that Savannah is doing better. She and your family is always in our prayers. We just love your family so much!!