Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Night Up

Because Savannah has been having so many seizures this past month, 
her neuro has ordered all new tests and different doctor visits
to try and pin point what is causing her seizures.
Today is her day for a new EEG.  She had one done in August
that came back clean, but has continued to have
seizures.  So last night, Savannah and I stayed up 
till 5AM.  We took a 2 hour nap and are up again
to keep her sleep deprived for this study.
Yay me!
So here Savannah is playing a little monsters
on the playstation 3.  Thanks Jason & Denzil.
You have a bunch of addicts here.

After a few hours of games, she moved on to her webkins.
She had a lot of pets to feed and new games to try out.

Here she is enjoying the cricut.  She played with
this for a good 2 or 3 hours cutting out paper dolls.
We love our cricut.  Thanks Larry Denzil
for such a wonderful gift.

Here is Savannah at 4AM trying
to beat sonic the hedgehog.
By 5AM, neither one of us could keep our eyes
open so wee both slept till 7:30.
Thankfully, Larry got the boys off on the bus.
I was just too zonked.

While Savannah played, I finished up some very old "UFOs."
I started these back in 2006.  I had everything cut out
and matched with a title and put it in an accordion file.
Autumn, you would have been proud.
I was able to glue everything.  Now all I have to do is 
embellish.  Wow, Ruby has a million pictures!

Here is Savannah's scrap book project.
She was having so much fun.  So much so, that she has
decided we need to do this every night.
I wish!

Any embellishment suggestions would
be appreciated.


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Embellishments needed? Before I read your post - I saw the pictures of the scrapbook (what does UFO or whatever the letters you said you were working on mean anyway?) and thought to myself - WOW, FANCY!!!! I just did 3 pages at a friends VERY VERY SIMPLE - you would probably be embarrased to have them - but I had a good time doing them and they are done -so I figure that's all that matters to me. So when I read you need embellishments??? You could add some, yes, but NEED, NO - looks great - good for you. Good luck with the kids - you are doing a great job!!!