Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What we did this weekend

This weekend, Larry took little Larry and Xander to
the U.S.S. Yorktown in SC for a cubscout campout
onboard the aircraft carrier.  Boy did they have fun.
I have loads of pictures and video of the trip, but no stories to tell.
I was at home with the remaining 3 kids
with my own stories to tell.
Just scroll down to the non military pictures.
Here are Larry & Xander in the cockpit of a jet.

Here is Xander driving a jeep.  Keep dreaming son.

Little Larry is goofing off and Xander is looking sweet.

Here is a little project I started on monday.
Our LR pillows have been stained for years and
spot cleaning is really out of the question.
So I got a really good deal on this decorator fabric
and decided to make removable covers.
Not too bad for a novice seamstress.  I am slowly 
learning how to sew more things each day.
Here is my wonderful weekend.
While packing for the boys on friday,
here is what I found in their room.
Now mind you, they did not leave their room like this.
Everything was neatly tucked away and hidden 
out of my sight unless I began to look around.
And I had to look around because Xander did not have
his scout shirt hanging in the closet and needed
it for the trip.
So the above mess came out from underneath the bookcase
that we use as a clothing shelf.
With 3 boys in one room in varying sizes,
no dresser would be large enough.

This pile of heap came from between the wall
and Larry's bunk.  I know I posted a similar
picture once before.  I guess they never learn.

Here is 4 loads of laundry that I found in numerous hiding
spots throughout the room.  Debbie kindly put it as Mt
Washmore.  Very appropriate name for how I spent my saturday.

Here is my favorite hiding spot of all.  They had
laundry and junk hidden behind the pictures on
Savannah's piano.
Can you believe that!?
And from behind the bathroom garbage can,
I found this pile of garbage.
Now why would you walk all the way
to the garbage can only to not put
your garbage in the can?

This is their closet where their shoe basket sits.
When I removed the shoe basket, I was shocked at
the amount of dirty socks and old
school papers that lied underneath.

Here is their shoe basket that was also full of
dirty socks, papers, toys... Just anything
that they were too lazy to actually put away.

Here is their bookcase that had garbage and slippers hidden behind it.
When ever we tell them to put something up, this is where
it usually ends up.

So 2 days of hard work and 1 stuffed garbage back...
You can now see a clean floor.

I worked so hard in this room and was so miserable,
I am now checking their room nightly to make sure they
have put everything away.  I am even checking all the 
hiding spots so I am sure they will create new ones.

I hope your weekend was just as productive!


Patricia H. Bradley said...

My how I can relate to your days and event from home. I find things in corners, behind and around in places I never new were there. :) It never ends, the minute we clean it starts all over. Then one day they are gone. We then have junk from 30+ yrs of collecing things they don't want any more. I have left over from my grown sons. They don't want it and want me to keep it for them for some later time or never. LOL. Pat

bow mom said...

Clarissa asked what those pictures were of. I said a little boys room. She said he needs to clean it. I replied so do you go get busy or I'll publish your room. She ran off to clean. I may use these pictures often let's hope they get me results.

lambie-pie said...

I was just reading your engagement story on Posie- it was funny! Then you said you had five kids and my immidiate thought- she's LDS- and of course I was right! Noone else has 5 kids these days! (I have 5 myself!) I'm glad you won the contest!