Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventures at the Nature Center

On Saturday morning, we took a little trip
to the local Nature Center.  Because we all had
museum passes, it was FREE.  Nothing like doing something
fun that is completely free.

Ruby and Anna had fun playing with one another 
when they were not insistent on being carried.

The boys exploring an old log cabin.
Uncle Ben would love this.

Savannah is upset because she has learned there
are no Assistant principal positions at the VA
for Tony.  She was even more upset when Daddy told her we could
not move to KY at this time.

Anna getting a lift from Larry.  I am surprised
Ruby did not get jealous.

Xander having a little fun being livestock.
Boys will be boys.  They all loved the tractor.

These llamas stunk and were not friendly, but Ruby still 
wanted to pet one.
Ruby was obsessed with any photo opportunity.
She loves seeing herself on the camera.

Larry clowning around.

One of the Dietrich boys having some fun.

The wolves were a huge attraction at this nature center.
They were absolutely beautiful.

Look at this caged animal.  Isn't she cute?

Here is Ethan enjoying the Turtle pond.

All the kids enjoyed the cut outs for some more
posing fun.
Some sliding fun.

The dynamic duo were whispering at this tank.
When I peeked to see what had their interest, 
it was a cute little turtle.

Ruby was enthralled at what was in this tank.
I go to see what it is, and it is an icky snake!
So not my child.

We survived the nature center and did not lose any


Sandy said...

Great pics, looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Doing some blog walking this am and realized we have several things in common, strong family ties, crafting, and we're both Scorpio's!

Swing by for a visit, welcome mats always out