Monday, April 6, 2009

Black Mountain Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, our town had an Easter Egg Hunt for kids of all ages.
Literally kids of all ages, there was an adult hunt after the kids hunt.
The above picture is of Ruby in the jump house.  She would not get out of this thing.
They sent in groups of 5 for a good 5 or 10 minutes.  When Ruby's time was up,
she stood in the far corner of the jump house.  Larry had to go in after her.
Here is Ruby enjoying a little face painting.
Isn't she beautiful!?

Yes, I take too many pictures of her.

It was an extremely windy morning.  
Here is Larry with his bunny.  I am not sure why he
asked for a bunny.  The other 2 boys opted for reptiles.

Savannah had a lizard painted on.  Looks a lot
like an ancient cave drawing.  Seriously, these women
do a fabulous job with the crowd that they had to put up with.

Ethan originally wanted a dragon.  He was quite descriptive, but the
lady was able to talk him into the same little lizard.

He acted like she was going to hurt him.  I thought it was

My happy boy had a snake painted on.  He had me take
a picture so he could see his snake.  What would these kids do
without digital cameras?

The local fire department was there showing off their truck.
My kids were mesmerized with how large the tires were.
As tall as Ethan actually.
Ruby with her balloon sword.
Larry and the bunny.  Larry was my only child who would
cooperate and go to the bunny.

I don't have any pictures of the actual egg hunt.
Funny story, the kids were separated into 3 age categories
in three different fields.  And all these egg hunts were
going to start at the same time.  Aaahhhhhh.
So Larry took the 3 older kids to their field while
I took Ethan and Ruby to their two fields.
I stayed with Ruby, but tried to make sure Ethan stayed on
the side closest to me.
Ruby had no clue what to do.  The first minute she was
more thrilled with her basket.  So I realized I 
would actually have to help the girl out rather than
take photos.  I had to literally come to an egg and put her basket down.
I think after 3 eggs, she realized what to do.