Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Here are the kids dressed in their Sunday best.
This picture was taken before church while everyone was

Here we are after church.  Emotions are high
even though it has been a short day.
We had a beautiful sacrament meeting that lasted
just an hour and a half so who can complain.
My kids sure can.
Ruby was upset because she did not get her
way at something.  Savannah is trying to console her.

Here is my beautiful Savannah.  She and Ruby had 
on matching dresses that I found at Dillards.
They were marked down from $50 to
under $10 :)  I wish you could see the smile
on my face from that awesome find.
They were Christmas dresses of course.
So you may see them again later this year.

My three handsome young men.  And we can't 
forget George the monkey.

Looks fairly innocent.

So here is the happy gang, but look what we had to go 
through to get here:

Above, Ethan looks like he is picking his nose.
Below, he looks passed out.  He was actually
pouting because of the princess.

I hope who ever wanted family pictures appreciates
the pain we had to go through to get these shots.
Just kidding.

These last shots are of the kids having some
egg dyeing fun.

The End.


The Arrrrrgalls said...

I must say your kiddos looked pretty fabulous. The girls dresses were just beautiful, I loved that color red. The pic of trying to get them all together reminds me of my favorite show on TLC Jon & Kate Plus 8. Have you seen that show, love it and must say I am addicted to it! Drives Brint crazy.

J and C said...

I love the dresses too! How adorabel and I am so happy for you for such an awesome find (under $10???)! You can totally just call yourself Super Mom! I miss seeing little munchkins!