Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Larry Denzil

Yesterday we visited a Hands on Children's Museum
in Johnson City, TN.  The kids had an absolute

Here they are sliding down the "coal mine"
shaft.  Isn't Ruby cute trying to help
big brother Larry.

Ruby took forever to slide down.

This attraction gets my kids every time.
They must have spent a good 30 minutes here
just blowing bubbles.

The three older kids got really good at making huge bubbles.

Here is my Ethan taking flight.

Ruby is showing there is a little farm girl
in all of us.

It was very interesting to watch my kids grocery
 shop for themselves.  Ruby was totally picking foods
that she likes to eat at home.

I think Ethan was trying to juggle and just goof off.
That is about what he does at a real grocery
store too.

Have you ever seen an operation game quite so big?
This was a "huge" hit with Ethan.
It was the one time we knew exactly where he was.

It was very interesting to see how many of
my children are showmen like their father.
They loved being on the stage and being the center of
Then there is that one child who is like me.
Doing the least embarrassing thing he can find 
and standing off to the corner.  He did pose for
me however.
Here is my rock star.  I do wish we had our video camera
with us.  Ethan was literally break dancing
and using the stage.  He would be a hit on 
So You Think You Can Dance.
And Xander.  Well, we learned some things about this young man.
He is a fabulous hula hooper like his father.

He was fabulous with two hoops.

Can you believe he turned 39!?
I sure can't!  He still acts like that
25 year old I fell in love with all those years ago.

Ruby's attempt at the Hula Hoop with a little
assistance from her Daddy.  He would hold the 
hoop and wiggle it while she would twirl like
a princess.

Here is Larry Denzil at the end of his birthday.
At home relaxing with the kids.
And no, we did not have cake, because
Savannah's birthday is a mere 6 days away!)