Friday, April 3, 2009

Name Stealing

Alright.  So there is a silly feud in Larry's family that I 
am a name stealer.  Ha, Ha, Ha.  Everyone likes a laugh,
but after a while it gets old hearing the in laws say
"Don't tell Marsha, she is a name stealer."
So childish, and so not true.  Not to mention,
it can be hurtful and no one ever really
asks me, how I chose that name or when.
All they know is that a certain sister  
had called dibs on that name with a certain sister
wanting to use the same name.
The name was told to the sister in law who also
said she wanted to use the name.
Her husband even said it was on our name list.
Yes, I have a name list.
Still do even though I am done.

Being the only daughter in law is hard
enough, but being the only sister in law
to 7 sisters is even harder!

Back in 1982, I watched this movie called
Savannah Smiles.  Oh how I loved this movie.
Every time it was on television, I would watch it.
And I would name all my baby dolls Savannah.
I even wished my own name was Savannah
over the drab Marsha.  It was so much more
feminine and beautiful.  The way I thought
all girl names should be.  So back in the '80's,
at a very young age, I told myself that I was going to
have a daughter named Savannah.  That thought never faded
and in 1999, my wish came true.
Larry and I had discussed baby names while dating.
Yes, while dating.  I told him I wanted a girl
named Savannah, and he told me I 
could name our children whatever I wanted, as
long as he named the first boy Larry Denzil III.
Another movie that had influenced me
in my baby names, was White Nights from
1985.  Another movie that I watched all the time.
I use to take ballet and I can remember watching 
my teacher dance so beautifully and gracefully in toe shoes.
I loved watching classical dance and still do.
When I watched this movie, I immediately fell in love with Isabella
Rosellini.  I thought, the same things all over again.
Oh, why was I not named Isabella.  That is so much more feminine and beautiful
than Marsha.  Can you tell I hated my name when growing up?
So again, I told myself, I was going to have at least
2 daughters because I had to use both Savannah
and Isabella.
While choosing Savannah's name 10 years ago,
I even thought of Savannah Isabella, but it just did not sound
quite right to me.  And I knew I had to use Savannah so
I saved Isabella for a future daughter.
I thought marrying a man with 7 sisters,
I was bound to get a bunch of girls of my own.
I had to have 3 boys before I was blessed again with a little
girl.  I do love my boys though.  They will always love their
mom more than their dad.  Anyways,
I did not know Larry had any sisters wanting to use the same name.
I think even if I had, I probably would have still used the name.
  I knew we would never really live near any of them, and Larry
is one for pleasing yourself, not others.  Plus, there are so many
family names repeated in this large and
ever growing family.  Look at all the Larry's and Josephs
and Benjamins and
variations of Emalena ...

Here is a list of names I had in Savannah's book back
in 1999:
Savannah Laurel,
Savannah Brooke,
Savannah Yuki,
Isabella Frances,

Larry Denzil III
Christian Alexander,
Michael Andrew,
Elijah Matthew

So it is possible that I had a name chosen first,
or we had similar likes and it is all
a coincidence.  But I am in no way a name stealer.
I am a girl who had 4 names chosen way back when:
Christian Alexander,
& Andrew.
These are four names I knew I wanted to give my children
and I did.


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The Arrrrrgalls said...

On a lighter note... I have to say "Savannah Smiles" was one of my most favorite movie growing up. ALYWAYS made me cry. I didn't know anyone else knew of that movie. I would always ask around and no one would know what I was talking about. Ahhh... I am so glad that you love that movie too. If I find it on DVD I will buy it for both of us!! Love ya girl!

D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

I loved the movie Savannah smiles too from the 80's!!! And I love Marsha and the courage to speak her mind and to let you know of her feelings in this matter! Heavenly Father sure is smart - to put us in families. Where else would we learn the stuff we learn in them? Just like marriage and having children. How could we be tested and tried to the extent they try us. And they are our guniea pigs to communication! Yep, Heavenly Father is smart!