Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Boys Room Dilemma

Today has been a wasted day spent solely on my 3 sons bedroom.  On saturday, Larry bought a pair of dressers.  A much needed piece of furniture in the boys bedroom.  For the last year and a half, I have neatly piled all of their clothing onto 5 shelves of an old bookcase.  It was hard to keep this looking good when 3 pairs of hands were constantly pulling things off.  

So today, I thought it was going to be a simple day.  Merely me taking the clothes off the book case and putting them neatly into the new dressers.  WRONG!  I should have known my boys would have other plans.  They had glue, scribbling and etchings on the walls that I had the opportunity to scrub off.  After that, I found chicken bones, wild onions, and empty hershey wrappers hidden throughout the room.  Boy have these kids been having a party.

I have no pictures to share, just the visualizations from my words.  Mainly I did not take pictures because I refuse to finish cleaning their bedroom. There comes a point when they have to learn to do it on their own.  Last month, I spent 2 days cleaning up their bedroom.  I told them, I would never do that again and yet here I am a month later.  So, I am having to control myself and just do what I set out to do.  And that is neatly putting clothes into their new dressers.


J and C said...

Good for you! If my mother hadn't made me clean my own room I don't think I would have ever learned, how to do it.

Although, when I was younger she did supervise to make sure every nook and cranny was explored and de-junkified! Have fun!