Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Beautiful Sunday In Montreat

On sunday, we decided to spend our last afternoon with the
Hurts at our favorite little neighborhood park
in Montreat.
My three oldest had not been here either.
We usually spend our summer at Lake Tomahawk,
but we may be changing locations.

The Dynamic Duo.
Always competing.

I love this picture.  My two
inseparable boys.
Brotherly love.

Somebody is getting a crusty.

Savannah has no fear and so much more strength 
than I had at that age.
Rather than slide down the fireman's pole,
Savannah climbed down it hand over hand
and then climbed up it.
How did she do that?
If she didn't have shoes on, I would have said the
Roberts' monkey toes.

Ruby could have hung on these rings
all day if her worried parents would have let her.

She is such a Daddy's little girl.

Savannah is great at regular monkey bars.
She saw this new one as a challenge
and was able to cross after a few attempts.

Nothing like the big monkey teaching the little
monkeys to cross.
I married such a big kid.
I Love It.

I wish I could post all of Larry's pictures
while on the monkey bars.
A month ago, he could not cross the monkey
bars at school.  The thing that is so great about
Larry is his determination.  This boy decided
one day a couple of July's that he was going to 
learn to ride the bike and he literally taught himself in one
afternoon.  This was the day before he had to go in for his 
"big 14 - 16 hour" surgey and then remain on bed rest
for over 3 months.  
So with much patience and practice,
he conquered the monkey bars.
The big kid waiting for a turn
never phased him.  He kept plucking away
ring after ring.
I am so proud of him.  Look at his 
sheer happiness.

I promise this is not a look of pain.
He was actually yelling for his
dad because he made it
to the last few sets of bars.
Xander hung out in the sand pit with Ruby and I.
He had so much fun playing with this
little sand toy.  He was in here close to an hour.
So obviously the thing to do at this
park is walk through the running stream.
there were kids everywhere enjoying
the cold water under their feet.
Ethan walked in the cold water
and on all those little pebbles like it
was nothing.  He was all over the place.
Larry commented the water was freezing.
He stood off to the side looking on like
a little mountain man.
Denzil was smart, he had his crocs on, but
I do not think they kept his feet any warmer.
This water was so cold, when the kids finally
got out, their feet were scarlet red.

Check out Ruby's hands.  She was pushing
on Larry Denzil's adams apple.  By the time she
got done riding around on his shoulders, 
he could barely talk.  She has a strange
fascination with his adams apple and is
always pressing on it.