Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Grown Up Little Girl

Yesterday I got a call from Savannah's teacher
telling me that she was highly emotional.
We chatted for a few minutes and I told
her how Savannah is emotionally
done with school.  She has felt drained
and constantly asks us when it is over.
Her teacher said this explained a lot because
the 3rd graders have been focusing all
their attention on the EOGs.
I quickly decided maybe it is time for 
Savannah to have a break.
So, I called a trustworthy neighbor and friend
to see if she could watch the kids.

Savannah has been dying to see this movie and it came out the
week before her birthday.  Things came up and I was unable
to take her.  Yesterday I made the time.  I picked her up from school
about 30 minutes early and she and I 
had quality mother daughter time.
She was thrilled to death.  She was singing and dancing
to all the songs.  Was I ever that cute?
And for those with a Carmike Cinema,
on tuesdays, they have a popcorn soft drink combo
for just $1.  Who could ask for anything more.
My shameless little plug.

After the movie, Savannah and I went to Target
and did a little girl shopping.
I got her a couple of outfits and some
girlie accessories.  She was gleaming from ear to ear.
Here are her bangles.
Check out the grown up shoes.  She picked out
these wedged sandals with about a 2 inch lift.
I had chosen her these adorable
little pink Chuck Taylors with sparkly
stars, but she passed.
Here she is in one of her new outfits.
I can't believe how fast she has grown up.

I can remember my mom and I having almost
weekly night outs when I was a teen ager.
Those nights meant so much to me
and to this day I remember them.

I can't afford a weekly night out with my girl,
but maybe once a month she and I
will have to go out and have some fun.