Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

I know some who are crying that summer is over, but not
this mom! I am thrilled that my kids are back in school.
I get a quiet home and peace of mind knowing that
they are where they need to be.
After 9 long years, I finally have just 1
child to care for.
Look out Asheville, here comes
Ruby and Mommy!
Xander is ready to start the 2nd
grade. As he puts it, He gets to play
on the big kids playground this year.
Big kid in the house. Savannah is starting
the 4th grade at a new school.
She was so excited to learn that her
best friend is in her homeroom.
Savannah has really improved thanks to
a summer at Sylvan. Hopefully her
grades will show all the hard work.
Big man on campus. Larry is in the 3rd grade.
He is the oldest Roberts' sibling at school and loves it.
He has beginning of the grade testing this week
that I know he will excel in.
A neighbors horse. Have we mentioned we really love living here.
It feels like we live right out of a novel.
Everything is just too beautiful to believe.
My 4 big kids walking up
to the bus stop. Hopefully we will
never come across a bear like our neighbors have.

Ethan could not stand still. Larry is such
a wonderful big brother. He tolerated Ethan
climbing all over him. And Xander was thrilled
to death to be able to walk Ethan to his class.
Finally, he is the big brother.
Isn't he adorable? I feel good about his first day
because I know he is in good hands. His K teaching
assistant is the same woman Larry had in K and
Xander had in 1st, so she knows me and my boys quite well.
Not sure what she did to receive this type of punishment, but I am thrilled
to have her again.
My little Ethan absolutely thrilled to death.
He has waited for this day for the past 3 years.
The first day of school and the first day he
gets to ride the bus. So many milestones.
A very sad little girl. As soon as all the kids
were on the bus and Ms. T pulled away,
Ruby was absolutely devastated.
Her Ethan was gone. I had to carry her
all the way home. She was too
weak with heart break to walk herself.
A few times,
she would go in the back bedroom
and sob. It was heartbreaking.
She has never been by herself.
I am sure she will love the mommy time, and the
perks that an only child receives.
I know I am already enjoying the quietness.

A little potty training update, Ruby has gone a week
now wearing panties with just a few little accidents.
She has done wonderfully out on the town to
let me know that she needs to go.

Happy Schooling Everyone!


J and C said...

I am excited for you! Enjoy the time, and the project possibilities are endless... ahhh! Poor adorable little Ruby! That picture is so cute of her! I hope she gets to begin to enjoy her time too!