Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beautiful Snow

Last friday, Dec the 18th, we got dumped with
nearly 8 inches of snow. The kids were
so upset. Yeah, you read correctly. The
impending snow storm shut down school for the day.
This was their last day before winter break.
You know what that means, Christmas parties all around.

My favorite picture. Ethan shows so
much emotion in everything he does.
The kids could barely walk in so much snow.
The nice thing was, once they came in,
they all fell fast asleep.

Brrr! It was snowing so fiercely friday evening
that all the kids came in with some
tucked snug in their hoods.

Knee deep. I do not think the kids
have ever experienced this much snow.

About 16 inches. That is what we got dumped with
here in the mountains.

I am blessed with 4 little snow angels.
Xander couldn't take the time to lie
in the snow for me.
He was too busy throwing snow balls
and rolling out snow boulders.

Makes me wish this was a sand dune on the
beach rather than our snow covered yard.
I hope everyone is staying warm this winter.


Anonymous said...

My kids will be the only ones with a wet Christmas instead of a white one this year. They are NOT pleased. But I'm glad yours are having fun in their winter wonderland.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Our snow is being rained on right now but I hope it stays that way and doesnt turn to ice!

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

my kids also had so much fun!

now we are all down with cold..i guess we over did it!!

following via MBC followers club...hope you will follow back..