Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Larry's Surgery

As many of you know, September 30
was the start of a lot of work.
That is when Larry had his first of
many recent "repairs."
This last surgery occurred on Nov 20th.
The above picture is of him waiting
for his room to become available. It
would not be so bad, except that we literally gave Larry
his last "clear" meal at 9AM for a noon check in.
How long do you think they had to wait?
If you guessed after 5PM, you win.
Yes, it took that long to wait for his room to become
available and then get cleaned. And all this time,
he could not eat because he was
to have a bowel prep overnight. That is like a
colonoscopy prep where you have to drink the nasty
liquid the night before. Larry has the luxury
of an ng tube so he does not have to taste the
liquid, but it still makes him sick.
The bright-side is that he did not have to go through
the yucky bowel prep all night because he had not eaten
all day!

Here is my brave little man the morning of his surgery.
He is truly the strongest person I know.

At last crazy dad goofing off for the camera.
Little Larry likes to take pictures of his dad to keep his
mind off everything else.

So, Larry's surgery lasted about 6 hours.
Dr. Gearhart was able to reattach his ureter at a different
spot on his bladder. Isn't it amazing what they can do?
His hospital stay was a lot longer than anticipated.
First Larry had a bladder infection, then he had
a wound infection, and finally he caught
the swine flu. So his 5 day hospital stay turned into
a 12 day stay. Thank goodness for great
Uncle Ben! I think the two of them definitely bonded.
Larry's first night home, he woke up in the morning
and cried for nearly an hour because he missed him so much.

Larry's final procedure (we pray) is scheduled for
Monday Jan 4. What a way to start the new year?
He will finally be free from tubes and back in school!