Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Slight Scare

Sunday December 20th was mine & Larry's 13th
wedding anniversary. Being snowed in, we had a nice,
lazy sunday at home. Can't say quiet because we
did have 5 kids snowed in with us, but they were good.
That is till we decided to watch a family movie around 2PM.
I got up to make some treats when Ruby told me she had something in her ear.
I peek in & sure enough she had something pink jammed into her
small ear canal. I assumed it was a fruit loop because that is what she had been
eating. I know this is a no no, but Larry & I both tried to get this out our selves.
No such luck. Off to the ER they went.
Luckily, Larry had shoveled his car and part of our street earlier in
the afternoon.

Nearly 7 hours in the ER, the docs tried an alligator clamp
with no such luck. Then they got a small syringe with a curved tip
and were able to flush the tiny object out.
Isn't it pretty? Ruby had found a small pink
rock. We are assuming it came from Savannah's
Hermit Crab Miley.

So Ruby and Daddy come home after a long day when we show the
kids what came out of Ruby's ear.
While doing Larry's care, he grinned and told me that he
too had a rock in his ear.
WHAT!? Are you kidding me!?
Larry & I are freaking out because we just had Ruby in
the ER and Little Larry is old enough to know better.
He swore he did not put anything in his ear
and that he has felt the object in their since he
was in the hospital. Seriously. Didn't the docs check his ears
regularly? So, Larry & I get our flashlight out and can
see something shiny. Larry grabbed some
syringes full of water and we tried to flush it out like
they had done in the ER. After several attempts, it did not come
out so Larry had grabbed a pair of tweezers and had
Larry lie perfectly still.
What do you think this little fellow shoved into his ear?
Absolutely nothing. It was a huge glob of ear wax
that had hardened.
Can we say GROSS!?

I hope everyone keeps their ears clean this Holiday Season.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Great story to save and embarrass them when they're teenagers! So sorry it had to be on your anniversary, though.

More than a Mom said...

Oh my goodness! The things kids do. Our lives as parents are never boring.