Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Morning

Some bloggin' catch up. Whew! So our Christmas morning
looked like this:
We still had snow remnants from a week
ago and just added beautiful freezing rain.
I am so thankful Ronnie's trees withstood the
weight and did not fall on ours or Sandra's home.
But the weather did wreak havoc on our cable.
Amazingly our power did not go out at all like many others
around us. We had no clue some members
of the branch were without power for 72 hours.
And we were complaining about no cable
for just a few hours.
Luckily all power and cable
was restored and many still managed to
have a very joyous Christmas.

My kiddos. I was so amazed that they slept in past 7
and even when they did wake up, they were oddly quiet.
The 4 oldest all received Leapfrog Didjs.

Ms. Bella received a wide assortment
of Dora & Strawberry Shortcake toys.
I am so glad to see the Strawberry Shortcake collection come back
out. I sure loved mine many years ago.

Ethan & Larry enjoying their Didjs.
I will say that I love the educational games
that didj offers. My only complaint is we seem
to constantly be updating their didjs on the computer.
What a real pain.

All 5 kids received sunglasses. Ethan & Ruby are sporting
theirs. They wore these everywhere
we went for days and days.

Ugh, sticky candy cane saliva on the chin.
you gotta love those sticky little faces.

Grandma Priest, this picture is for you.
Ruby is posing in her new 3 piece
Hello Kitty outfit.
She absolutely loved the bedazzled
kitty on her shirt and jean jacket.

And we can not forget that embroidered kitty on her
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas.