Friday, August 20, 2010

Our 4th of July Weekend

On the 4th of July weekend, instead of heading to KY
for a very Barker reunion with some yummy food and good
company, we stayed home and worked on the house.
Sorry some of these pictures are out of order, but you get the
gist of what was done.

This is the master bedroom paint color. I chose a
smokey blue color. So much better than the dark
green I had to live with.

This is the awful mural that I kept hidden by a huge
mirror on my dresser. I hated this mural.
It was tacky and incomplete.

Nate, the young man who helped us immensely.
Take a look at his knee wrapped up in a home
made knee pad. Laying hardwood is a tough job
at any age.

Uncle Ben and his work area. He was
having way too much fun with the kids.

Jason on the phone with Jacob.
I do not think I ever saw this boy work.
Just kidding Jason.

The last piece in the front living room going in.
It had been a looooooong day.

The finished living room. Imagine it without all the
garbage on top.

Uncle Ben showing the young guns how it is done.

Larry Denzil with his air hammer.

The kids loving up on Uncle Ben.

Uncle Ben and little Larry have a special relationship
after two hospital stays together.
After Larry's most recent stay last year,
Uncle Ben learned that people actually get paid to do
that. I am glad he learned too late.

Ink pen anyone?

I made the boys clean out their vent.
I was not about to stick my hand down there.

Look at all the spackling. Seriously there was a time
where I started to think it would be easier to put up new sheets
of dry wall. Oh, and look at all the junk the boys pulled
out of their vent. They acted like they were
going treasure hunting.

Too funny not to share this picture, but it
is actually the paint color behind I wanted you to see.

All the rooms, but the girls bedroom is complete.
Once we get everything back in order,
I will have to post the finished product.


Anonymous said...

I love hardwood floors! You and Holly both got them this summmer--wish I did, too!


Gina Carroll said...

Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.