Monday, August 23, 2010

Roberts Reunion

August 6 - 8 was the Roberts family reunion in Ashland, KY.
It was so much fun to see Aunts, Uncles, and loads of
cousins that you just don't get to see everyday.

Here is Patrick with his family.
I see Dawnita is hamming it up for the camera.

Bryce and Austin

Patrick manning the smoker.

Xander literally had one piece of each cake on this
table. I am not sure which one was his favorite.

Uncles Herbie and Calvin shooting the breeze.

A candid shot of Uncle Phil and his newest little

Aunt Linda and her granddaughter Ashley.

A strange shot of my Savannah.

Elizabeth with her wrinkled nose grin.
I seriously wanted to take this smile home
with me.

This game was a huge hit with the kids.
Just an FYI, those balls hurt
if you accidentally get hit.

Denzil trying to sort through a tangled

Dougie's little girl.
His girls were all so adorable.

Benji's little girl Cadence.
She is a very animated and vocal little girl.

Anna's little girl Ashley.
She has the most beautiful eyes. And I love
her pillow case dress.
Esty rocks with unusual and new fashion.

Savannah fell in love with JB's dog. And she and
Sydney became fast friends over the weekend.

Patricia with her older brother Dale.
My kids, especially Ruby, enjoyed hanging out
with Uncle Dale & Aunt Mayme.
I wish we had a picture of the two girls together,
but Ruby and Mayme learned that they are both twins
that weekend. They both have blue eyes,
brown hair, and turn 4 on September 26.

The horn brigade.

Look closely at my little Larry.

He is such a joker.

I love this shot of Ruby & Emalene.
They went everywhere together this weekend.
I just wish Kaya and Bryleigh were here as well.

Nasty little craw dad. Xander tried to
live in Uncle Dale's creek. He found a
cute little frog as well.

Emalene tooting away.

The Roberts kids all grown up.
Wish I had a picture of them as kids for
a comparison.

Alright, this marshmallow game was one of
the funniest things I have seen in a long time.
You have to have a really big mouth and no gag reflex
whatsoever to win.
Faith rocked this game.
Here are pictures of Larry Denzil.
I think he shoved 7 or 8 in his mouth before
no one could understand him.

Uncle Phil, err Conway Way Twitty serenading
Aunt Linda there in front.
He is actually a pretty good singer.
Uncle Phil that is.

The fiddlers were my kids favorite part.

There is nothing like listening to some good
bluegrass music on a cool summer evening.

Until Next Year... Hi Yo Silver


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this for those of us who couldn't come. Next best thing to being there! (REALLY wish
I'd heard Uncle Phil's serenade!) Glad you guys had a good time.


Holly and Dan said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I was at home with a colicky baby but hope we'll do it again!